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5 foods that keep you healthy and youthful

by Noelle (follow)
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Many people want to stay young with a bright look always. This has led a good number of people to try out different products and programs that are designed to make them look young. A larger percentage of these products don't really work while others tend to have adverse side effects to the body. One thing that you should never doubt is the benefits of eating a balanced diet.

It is believed the food a person consumes has some effects on the aging process. Eating the right foods will greatly determine how your skin will look. However, care should be taken when choosing the type of diet to settle on as some foods happen to make one vulnerable to the aging process. Here are some foods that can greatly help to live healthily and maintain that young look.

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With the knowledge that green vegetables boost immunity, it is advisable to include leafy types like spinach and kale in your meals. Improving your immunity against diseases will help maintain that young and strong look that is highly craved for. Vegetables have high folate which is crucial in preventing damage of blood vessels. Their consumption helps lower the risk of kidney, heart and diabetic problems.

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Though many people take bacteria to be the cause of many health complications, there are good ones that help regulate the immune system. Yoghurt offers the right type that increase antibodies while preventing the numerous pathogenic organisms. The good thing with yoghurt is that it is cheap and available - and even cheaper and healthier if you make your own. It contains the right bacteria that protect your gut and reduce issues related to intestinal complications. It's also effective when used externally, such as in a homemade yoghurt and honey face mask.

Though many people don't take it seriously, water is a vital daily inclusion that can help maintain that young and flawless look that people crave for. Whether you are active or not, there is a need to drink a lot of water. It is even advisable to take an average of 8 glasses per day. Water helps increase energy levels while working against aging substances. Try taking water frequently throughout the day to get refreshed skin. Water keeps your body hydrated and this makes the skin look radiant and youthful.

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They contain beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A, vital in the building of collagen and growth of skin cells. It doubles up to be an important antioxidant that works against harmful free radicals. Additionally, carrots help whiten your teeth; something that makes you look young.

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Citrus fruits
Intake of fruits rich in vitamin C is vital in the building of collagen. It also contains a substance called bioflavonoids that is important in protecting the skin against sun rays. Citrus is one of the fruits rich in this component and they are versatile to use. For instance, one can opt for the lemon body scrubs for the brightening and exfoliating of dead skin cells. Embrace the consumption of these foods and see your way to a young and bright look.

Start incorporating these foods into your daily diet to help maintain a healthy, youthful glow.

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