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6 simple ways to unwind at home

by Georgina Tsel (follow)
I'm an everyday girl who enjoys the simple things in life. Absorbing the beauty of the world one day at a time and learning new things along the way.
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Work, an overload of house chores, kids, parties - the list goes on. By the end of it all, it's common to feel fatigued, stressed and overwhelmed. Similarly, we tend to put our own priorities and wants last, forgetting to take time out and a well-deserved break.

In terms of chores at home, we tend to leave everything to the last minute, which can make everything seem worse. It's extremely important to set aside at least one day a week to relax, finish tasks or simply do something that makes us happy. Here are a few activities you can do to unwind and feel great.


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I find that doing anything creative helps me to relax and focus on the present moment. Painting is an excellent way to unwind, as the colours envelop you, the spontaneous movement of the brush strokes guide you, and the inspiration you feel when you partake in an artistic activity is incomparable. Abstract Expressionism and experimenting with colours and textures is my favourite genre or style to work with.


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Ironic isn't it? I'm writing as we speak, proving that writing is an excellent way to relax and bring ease into our lives. It's a fantastic outlet that helps rid our minds of unnecessary and overwhelming thoughts and energy .

Sometimes when our brains are crowded from a stressful day or week, we find it difficult to switch off. Writing helps to put all those things to paper; the worst thing we can do is hold everything in. Write words on how you feel, a poem, a fiction story, or immerse yourself in research and start a blog. Beginning my writing journey is the best thing I've done.


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Cooking is another amazing outlet for stress and frustration. Like painting, it helps you to focus on the now, which is great for those that tend to excessively ponder the future. Baking cakes is my favourite past time, as they're quite time consuming and dedication is needed in order to achieve a successful result. If you miss an ingredient or skip a step, it can cost you the recipe. This challenge is what motivates me to cook new recipes; it's thrilling, fun, and of course, a great way to relax and unwind. Pop some Frank Sinatra on and cook up a storm.


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You may laugh at this one, but believe me, cleaning does wonders for stress. If our space and environment is clean and tranquil, we're guaranteed to feel more relaxed, yet when there's unnecessary clutter, mess, and dirt, we begin to feel quite negative, frustrated, anxious, uneasy, and overwhelmed.

By slowly decreasing the work load at home, you'll begin to feel more content. Cleaning helps refresh my mind; I open my curtains and windows and turn off all electrical equipment and focus on the task of cleaning. By the end of it, I light a beautifully scented candle and I read or watch a little TV. I sometimes look for things to clean if I'm feeling bored or restless, I do some dusting or ironing if this is the case.

Watch a Movie or Series

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I enjoy watching movies and TV series as a way to forget all my woes and lose myself in another world. I'm a little bit of a TV series junkie, and am always on the lookout for fresh, new and juicy shows to keep me amused. I like to finish my tasks for the day, and then set aside an hour or two. Sometimes I don't have as much time if I'm extremely busy, but I do make it a priority to rest and catch up on the latest episode or trending film.

Although people often assume that watching TV is bad, it can be good for those who feel like they're always focusing on their own thoughts, which can be tiring. Comedies are great for distracting your mind from a blender of worries.


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Spending time outdoors is great for your body and mind, and gardening proves this, as it's relaxing and provides rewarding results. If it's sunny outside, even better, as vitamin D helps to improve mood at the same time.

Research suggests that gardening promotes physical and mental health through relaxation and satisfaction. Similarly, interacting with nature is one of the best things to do for your wellbeing. Garden barefoot, as this is a grounding activity that assists in releasing negative and toxic energy, connecting you to the earth as you garden.

In summary, these activities help me to unwind and refocus my energy when I'm feeling a little scattered, also providing me with a rewarding outcome in the end. Additionally, it's quite evident that you can find simple ways to relax at home and in your spare time without spending lots of money elsewhere.

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