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Crystals: How to protect your home from negative energies

by hwhcr (follow)
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Crystals are known worldwide for their innumerable healing properties. While some people utilise them for assistance in fighting disease, others consider them as a good luck stone. If you are planning to bring home some crystals then you may know that they are a perfect weapon for clearing any negative vibes and unwanted energy.

Crystal for Home

Ours home is the best place in the world and it should be filled with positive energy. At times, however, some negative incidences can happen, one after the other when you feel like something is wrong with the energy around you; this is the right time to bring home the right crystals.

For your home’s wellness, there are two must-have protection crystals.

Black Tourmaline: One of the most powerful crystals, it effectively protects your home as it carries an exceptionally high-vibration grounding and protective energy. Thus, when used in the right manner, it offers extreme protection against any of negative and harmful energies, like EMFs and geo-pathic stress, which causes disturbance in your life. Moreover, this stone is known to clear and cleanse, i.e. it unlocks all the energy blockages within your home.


Selenite: This is another very powerful protection crystal which is ideal for use in your home. If you want to create a very protective and calming effect, this stone can help ou significantly.

It resonates angelic energy into your home and promotes a peaceful environment. Having the exceptional ability to unblock any stagnant or stale energy present in the environs, selenite is known to remove negative energy from your home in the most efficient manner, and is a must have stone in your home.

Black Tourmaline

Selenite and Black Tourmaline duo:
Do you know selenite magnifies the energy of anything which is placed upon it? So if you add a black tourmaline on top of the selenite crystal, it will be no less than a powerhouse protective combo. Both the stones, i.e. black tourmaline and selenite are brilliant crystals for protection. And the only difference between them is among the different energy frequencies. Hence, if you are looking for an exceptional protective shield, this duo can act as the guardian angel for your home.

Healing for Harmony

Final words…

If you really wish to bring in peace and happiness, it is recommended to grid your house with both the protection crystals. You can place both the stones in each of the main corners. In case, you want extra protection for a particular room, you can grid the room, placing crystals in each corner of the room. Just before you start with the gridding process in your home, it is important to do a thorough sage cleansing of your home.

All you have to do is just open all the windows and using the sage herb, light this and smoke each room. Doing so, you are ensuring that the negative energies leave out through the windows and the rest of the work is done by the crystals. They help keep your home to remain protected from any negative energies or influences coming from outside

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