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Do Eggs Give You High Cholesterol?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Does eating a lot of eggs give you high cholesterol?

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This argument has been going on for years hasn't it? It can be so confusing for people with the so-called experts disagreeing or changing their minds every couple of years.

What's generally believed today is that despite eggs containing high levels of cholesterol they are low in saturated fat and therefore they do not act in the body to raise cholesterol levels. We all need cholesterol, it performs vital functions in the body including assisting in making the outer coating of our cells, making bile to aid food digestion, and allowing the body to make hormones and Vitamin D.

Eating a healthy balanced diet combined with regular exercise and stress release is the best way to avoid high cholesterol; limit excessive fatty meats, processed cakes and biscuits, and takeaway foods. And as for eggs, eating two to four eggs a week as part of a well balanced diet won't do you any harm.
I've just read a report my Michael Mosley, who is a journalist and medical doctor. He says that eggs have been demonised, and that research has now disproven the fact that eggs give you high cholesterol. It is not actually the cholesterol in food that gives you high cholesterol, but fat, and although eggs do have fat, it is a good fat like omega 3. Eggs also contain a of of protein. According to the British Heart Foundation, you can eat as many eggs as you like as long as they are not fried (because of the cooking oil).
I was very interested to read this article as I have just been told to reduce my cholesterol level from 5.7! Eggs are on the 'no' list from the Doctors'. I eat lots of eggs every week ...They are my favourite food, are versatile and cheap for a meal ...with additions of course. I was interested to read the comment from the British Heart Foundation...Thanks Bryony.
You're welcome. I know that some doctors do still say that you shouldn't eat eggs, which be very confusing for patients.
A study done in Australia in the early 1990s found that there was no link between eggs and cholesterol, though the way we eat them does. So boiled is better than fried in lard.

However recent research has found that eggs, particularly the yolks, do in fact contain unhealthy cholesterol. Hence the trend in egg whites.

One of the things about health guide lines is that they are drawn up some health bureaucrat. They are not meant to be 100% accurate nor could they be. Often they are not changed quickly and may not follow current research.

I think eggs are better for you as a source of protein than many meats. If possible stick to egg whites and try instead to find other sources of protein such as fish, beans and tofu.

Protein will help you feel full so if that has to be eggs instead of pork chops, then that is okay.
Eggs are very nutritious. They contain good quality protein, lots of
vitamins and minerals, and mostly the healthier polyunsaturated fat.

The dietary cholesterol in eggs has only a small insignificant effect on blood LDL cholesterol, so you can enjoy up to six eggs each week as part of a healthy balanced diet
eggs are high Cholestrol only yellow part. in white part of Eggs there is no Cholestrol.
by asha
It is saturated fats in the food that is converted into cholesterol in the liver through HMG cycle. Cholesterol in food per se is excreted by the liver in bile salts. Eating egss will not affect your serum lipid level
Dr Harold Gunatillake -health writer
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