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Healing a potter wasp sting in a most unusual way

by Alice (follow)
Freelance writer on the Sunshine Coast.
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There I was carefully trimming the grassy plants leading to our letterbox minding my own business, when bang out of nowhere I felt molten lava being injected into my skin. OK, so maybe my mind did wander off a little just before the attack (sigh).

When will I learn to stay in the present moment? Anyway, I dropped my cutters and shook my hands violently before racing inside my home. The funny thing was that a couple of seconds before the incident, my husband opened the front door and witnessed the whole thing! All he could say was that the wasp that flew off me was big and orange. I knew the one he meant. I had seen them sucking water from the surface of our pool a few times. Luckily I didn't see it on me or I would have freaked out even more because they are huge!

My garden.
View of the plants I was trimming when I was stung.

Great! I thought to myself as I rushed to the bathroom and turned on the tap. The wasp stung me on my left thumb just above the knuckle and to the left. The puncture wound was clearly visible but it was in a bony area, not in muscle. Instinct told me to squeeze the venom back out under running water.

At this stage I was in complete agony and trying very hard to concentrate whilst crying from the pain. Touching the affected skin to squeeze out the venom made it even more painful. This went on for a few excruciating minutes. But I was certain that I had reduced the amount of venom.

My garden.
The likely culprit - The Orange Potter Wasp. (Image courtesy of www.brisbaneinsects.com/brisbane_vespoidwasps/images/DSC_2302.jpg)

Next I applied an ice pack and sat on the couch. I recalled being stung by a bee and by a fire ant a long time ago. Somehow these memories came back to me. I remember being in agony for 7 hours from that fire ant sting. I was determined not to let that happen this time.

Just a few weeks ago, my husband was stung by paper wasps on his shoulder. His injury resulted in a very painful, swollen, hard lump which lasted for five days. I was also determined that that would not be my fate! I considered the initial pain from the fire ant vs the initial pain from the wasp. The pain from the wasp was far worse. It felt as though the wasp had injected at least 1cm of venom because I could also feel the" firey" venom as it entered my skin.

In my desperation, I thought about all the Russian mental technologies that I had learnt a few years back doing courses in Melbourne via the Arcady Petrov Foundation. I used some of these regeneration techniques on a regular basis but this time I was using them as if my life depended on them.

I grabbed a pen and wrote my birth date as a sequence of numbers along my left forearm (each person's birthdate is their unique healing number for their own body). For example, if your birthday is 3rd July 1980 then you write "371980" on your skin to start harmonising your body for any ailment.

After doing some quick meditations with the Russian techniques, I took off the ice pack and the pain was gone. Then the swelling and the stiffness started to set in. Slowly my hand was becoming paralysed. I lost use of my thumb and my fingers were getting stiff too. My teeth started to hurt. My hair follicles on my head started to tingle. I knew then that the venom had reached my nervous system.

I remembered that we bought Grigori Grabovoi's book Restoration of the human organism through concentration on numbers. I quickly looked up the index and found the number for wasp stings. The number is 9189189. I wrote this number along my left thumb (the book has numbers for every ailment).

My garden.
Grigori Grabovoi's book to the rescue. (pic courtesy of author)

I focused on the number 9189189 and read it in my mind over and over again for a few minutes. I did more Russian techniques using cone shapes to flush out the toxins. Then something strange happened. My whole body felt as though it was being massaged and a wonderful feeling was flowing through me.

After a few minutes I had movement in my thumb again and after 40 minutes the paralysis and swelling was gone. In less than an hour from the initial sting I managed to have a perfectly functioning hand again. To me it was a miracle. My husband could not believe it.

My garden.
The book contains an index of healing numbers for all ailments. (pic courtesy of author)

It just goes to show what level of healing is possible when you shut out all other possible outcomes and just focus on the most positive outcome you want.

Sure, I had used Grabovoi's numbers before, but I never had this kind of result. I suspect that it works better in conjunction with the other methods I used. That is something I had not tried before.

Incidentally, after doing a bit of research on the Internet the following day, I found out that solitary wasps such as potter wasps use their venom to paralyse their prey (spiders and caterpillars) which they then use to feed their larvae!

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