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Healthy and natural ways of cleaning in the kitchen

by Goky (follow)
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The kitchen is unique as a room that attracts the most grime and dirt compared to any other living space at home. Increasingly, much kitchen equipment and surfaces are made of natural materials such as wood or ceramics. As such materials are often easily damaged by the more corrosive synthetic cleaners, we have compiled for you some guidelines on the most appropriate natural materials for cleaning a variety of surfaces in the kitchen.

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From the wooden tiles on the floor to the wall cabinets, your kitchen has plenty of natural wooden surfaces. To retain the natural grain of wood and guarantee longevity, you need to be careful what you use in cleaning them. For starters, avoid using too much water or leaving water standing on the surface for too long. Use a chemical free dish soap to remove oils and stains from your kitchen's wooden surfaces. Lemon juice is a good natural alternative for disinfecting wooden surfaces.


The modern kitchen comes with a variety of items made of glass either wholly or in part. It is not just the utensils but also window panes, jars and even tabletops are also increasingly made of glass. Some people consider that the only danger to glassware is breaking from impact. However, glass is prone to clouding and even corrosion if you use highly reactive synthetic cleaners. Just as well, you should avoid any cleaning agent which may leave behind streaks on your glassware. Vinegar is a good natural cleaning agent for all forms of glassware from your wine glasses to the panes of your kitchen windows. Always remember to use a lint-free piece of cloth to clean dirt from all your kitchen's glass surfaces.

maid, kitchen, sink, faucet


Granite countertops and sinks are all the rave when it comes to the modern kitchen. Granite is tough, has aesthetic appeal and gives the impression it will take anything you can throw at it without any wear. However, some granite sink specialists advise to be careful when cleaning it as very acidic cleaners are likely to make the surface fade over time. For general cleaning use warm water, mild chemical-free soap and a microfiber cloth. While a well-sealed granite surface is virtually impervious to buildup of bacteria provided it is cleaned regularly, you can use an 80% solution of isopropyl alcohol for disinfection.

maid, kitchen, sink, faucet

Cast Iron

Cast iron may no longer be a major material in the kitchen but some skillets and other cookware items are still made of the hardy form of iron. You also find some kitchen appliances bearing some cast iron parts. An ideal natural remedy for cast iron should ensure you keep your cookware and appliances lean and rust-free. Never use dish soap or steel wool to clean cast iron cookware as these will not only encourage rusting but will also strip off the seasoning. Always clean your cast iron cookware immediately after cooking. To remove any stuck-on food and residue, use coarse table salt and water. Dry the cookware immediately after rinsing using a clean kitchen towel or dry it over the stove with low heat. To protect the cooking surface, apply a thin layer of cooking oil, buffing off any excess.


Whether we are talking of cookware or stovetops, ceramic materials have plenty of advantages when it comes to the kitchen. While ceramic surfaces are among the easiest to clean, there are some precautions necessary to ensure the job is done well. It is important to clean your ceramic surfaces as soon as possible as the longer you wait, the more stubborn the dirt and grime will become. Sprinkle some baking soda on the stained surface. Wet a scrubber, wring off excess water and spread the baking soda liberally over the surface. Scrub off the dirt using circular motions and rinse off with plenty of water.


Terracotta is yet another material you are likely to find in your kitchen in liberal amounts. Whether it is terracotta pots or your kitchen tiles, it is important to use natural materials to maintain the appearance and functional value of your terracotta surfaces. Mix water and vinegar in equal parts and use a lint-free cloth or mop to clean the terracotta surface. Vinegar is good for oil based stains. If the vinegar is not effective, try applying linwood oil first.

As illustrated above, you do not need exotic remedies to keep your kitchen surfaces and appliances clean. The natural materials and cleaning tips offered above have been tested by kitchen appliances experts and passed as effective. Adopt them and you can ensure your modern kitchen continues to be stylish, hygienic and even stylish for many years to come.

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