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Healthy habits for a healthy family

by Smita (follow)
Smita - Smitasfoodcharm - Thermomix Australia consultant
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In today's fast-paced life, keeping the entire family healthy is every parent's priority. Eating well, staying active and having a positive body image - if taught early - shapes the child's present and future. But this does not happen easily and is a challenge for every parent. Here are some small steps that you can start today, leading towards the well-being of the entire family.

1. The good food essentials
Providing good food to the child is the first step towards their well-being.
Provide a spectrum of nutrients covering all the food groups namely carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.
Make a healthy eating plan for the family going through from breakfast to dinner. Try to stick to the routine as much as possible.
Maintain a balance between needs and energy requirements. For example, children who are more active, like adolescents, require more energy than younger children who are less active.
Provide appropriate portions of food or drink. This plays a big role in determining the child's appetite.
Keep a tab on snacking and intake of junk food.

Kids love fancy reinforcements

2. Leading an active lifestyle
When we were small, our parents had to worry only about the television. But kids today have many more options to entice them to the couch. Spending time outdoors will not only make the child fit but also help to develop social skills and confidence.

Encourage playing outdoors. Spend time with your child or even play with them. This will boost their confidence, give you quality time with them and even give you the exercise.
Walking to school or playground is a great healthy habit.
Starting small activities like throwing or catching a ball early in life, will also help in developing motor skills and alertness.
Limit screen time. Instead of being strict, explain to your child why they must limit sedentary screen-based entertainment.
Get them involved in domestic chores like getting the laundry from the washing machine or gardening. This will keep them more occupied and active at home.

Little chefs can help in the kitchen

Make a weekend schedule where the entire family works out together. It could be a game of cricket or some laps in the pool. It will help the family bond and instil the active lifestyle.

Family session of yoga

Sleep and relaxation
Getting quality sleep at night is very important for developing health and good behaviour. For this, maintain regular sleeping and waking up times.
Also the home has to be a place where every member of the family can relax.
Any discord between the parents can have a negative psychological impact on the child.
Avoid discussing office or money problems in front of the child. Also, do not reprimand the child during meal times.
Using force or abuse is a complete no-no.
Encourage your child and congratulate on their achievements. Do not compare with other children or even between siblings. After all, kids are quite vulnerable mentally.

Celebrate together

It is very important that the child gets tuned to healthy habits right from childhood which in turn are carried into adulthood. Remember, you are their role model. So it is advised that you first give yourself the time and attention so you can provide better for the family. The healthy eating habits and active lifestyle starts from the parents before you pass them on to your kids.

Follow these simple steps and give loads of health and happiness to yourself and your family. Leave your comments and suggestions on how you keep your kids healthy.

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