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Homa Therapy and Agnihotra

by Ros Stiles (follow)
Ros Stiles
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I was out and about at a community event one day when I witnessed a lady burning something in a small copper vessel and chanting. I had to stop and just enjoy the moment because there was a blissful calm emanating from this process. I noticed other people stopping and just calmly being in the moment.


Being ever inquisitive I went up and introduced myself and asked the lady – Elinor - what she was doing and why. She told me that she was performing Homa Therapy. I asked if I could learn about it and write an article. Elinor invited me to her home to learn more and witness another session close up.

Homa Therapy is bringing about healing of the atmosphere through the impact of fire, performed in an inverted copper pyramid accompanied by precise resonance or what is referred to as mantra. There are several types of Homas (healing fires) that have a palpable impact on the atmosphere, harmonising, purifying, vitalising and nourishing. The main Homa with the most powerful healing effect on the atmosphere is called Agnihotra and is performed precisely at sunrise and sunset. I witnessed sunset Agnihotra.

Homa Therapy Equipment

Elinor practises Agnihotra daily and teaches it as well. Agnihotra classes are free and participants can make a donation if they wish.

Homa Therapy is an ancient Ayurvedic healing modality. People who practise it have experienced many different changes in their environment, health, gardens and water quality.

From the Agnihotra Australia website:

The Protective Power of These Homa Biospheres
I would like to leave you with an account of the protective power of these Homa biospheres. The Bhobal, India, tragedy in 1984 - On Dec.2 1984 there was a massive toxic leakage of Methyl Isocyanine gas from Union Carbide factory killing 10s of thousands and maiming even more. In the midst of this horrendous occurrence, a miracle happened which made researchers all over the world sit up and think - 5 families in the middle of it all remained unaffected. The only factor that was different for these people was that they had been regularly practicing Agnihotra for several years.

The process includes burning dried cow manure in a specially designed inverted copper pyramid. The person performing the Homa will chant a mantra in Sanskrit into the fire at precisely Sunset or Sunrise, special times in nature.^

This certainly does not sound sexy or romantic. It isn’t New Age nor does it entail impressive lotions, potions and gowns.

Homa Therapy Equipment

Agnihotra is a very down to earth and practical science that has been successfully used for millennia. The ash from the Agnihotra fire can be used for a variety of healing. Elinor makes up different ointments with it. It can also be used to purify water, add vitality to the garden, and is a great enhancer of organic gardening. It has been known to heal skin problems such as psoriasis. In fact there are thousands of reports of all types of systemic illnesses being healed, including mental and emotional disturbance. The best results come from a lifestyle of regular Agnihotra and utilising Agnihotra ash medicine.

Many people scoff at different or unusual healing modalities. I keep an open mind and look for the results. After watching a video Elinor showed me with before and after photos – I personally will be asking her to make me up some psoriasis cream.
I may even start practising Agnihotra myself!

The more I have researched – the more I have found that this ancient form of healing for the people and the environment is something that actually works on a much larger scale than we can possibly imagine.

So why not give it a try yourself? Ring Elinor for some free information or training. Check out the websites yourself. The only cost is a little time and energy – and the energy will be returned with Agnihotra.


^'At sunrise the many fires, electricity, ethers and more subtle energies (or prana) emanating from the sun extend all the way down to the coordinates where the sun is said to rise. It is awesome. The flood enlivens and purifies everything in its path, destroying what is impure in its wake…..' - Vasant Paranjpe.

'Performance of Agnihotra draws life sustaining energies, from this flood to the copper pyramid. Healing is thrust into the atmosphere. Prana in abundance is drawn down from the solar range enabling nature to heal itself. Everything is enlivened by life force called Prana in Sanskrit .The source of prana is the sun. A polluted atmosphere blocks and distorts prana. Distorted prana produces distorted mental states. To sit for Agnihotra is to experience stress melting away. If Agnihotra is performed as prescribed the basic effect reaches up to 12 kilometers into the atmosphere and a ¾ km diameter around the copper pyramid.'

For further information on Agnihotra, contact Elinor Weaver on 0417 823 807.
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