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How important do you think mental health is?

by lizzi (follow)
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Many people take the time to ensure that their physical health is taken care of, but less people pay attention to their mental health.

Do you consider your mental health to be a priority?

And what do you do to take care of it?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Mental health issues can be debilitating. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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Top Answers
Mental health is absolutely a prior, and it's equally, if not, more important than caring for our physical health as our thoughts and emotions play a role in what we manifest physically.

My favourite ways to nurture mental health include laughter, music, quality time with friends and family, meditation, time spent in nature, and making the time to do things that I enjoy, and that stimulate me.

I love this, because yes our mental health can have a significant impact on our physical health. Even just impacting on the choices that we make.
by lizzi
Of course mental health is important but it is not something you can control like getting a cold or flu. It is not something you can prepare for or prevent. As someone with a mental illness, let me explain that this just reinforces the idea that people with a mental illness are just sad or can cheer up or just get over something - it doesn't work like that. So I have to say your absurd and reckless question just reinforces the stigma over mental illnesses maybe you did not intentionally mean to do that but next time think about such a question and how you word it please.
I have also suffered from mental illness for most of my adult life - hence the reason this came up as a question.

For me looking after my mental health doesn't mean "preventing" or "curing" mental illness. Just as exercising regularly won't necessarily prevent me from getting physically ill I know that nothing is a guarantee of preventing mental illness.

I use many strategies to help boost my mental health - including mindfulness, exercise, play and at times, taking medication on a daily basis has been how I take care of my mental health.

I'm very sorry that you were offended by my question.

by lizzi
Yes, I think mental health is very important and just as important as other areas of our health. Our thoughts and feelings can and often do impact all other areas of our health.

The ways in which I choose to take care of my own mental health and well-being are to go for hikes, camping, spending time in nature in general especially around the water if possible, doing something creative like painting or drawing or working in my art journal, eating healthy, yoga, meditation, and spending time with people who help me feel happy and loved. I also love to reading and watching nature documentaries especially, as sometimes it helps me to be reminded of the greater web of life that we are a part of and to be reminded of the beauty in this world and universe.
It's quite interesting when you look at what you do for your mental health and find many of those things relate to physical health as well. Showing how the physical and mental are very much interrelated.
by lizzi
Although overlooked because it can't be seen (like physical health) or taboo to talk about I consider mental health very important. If you don't pay attention to your mental health - everything else in your life is affected, your physical health, your relationships with friends, family and work mates - everything.

I try to give it priority in my daily life by making sure I get some sunshine everyday (easy in the summer not so much in the winter) take yoga lessons at least three times a week and a meditation class once a week.

Sunshine is a great mood booster, Yoga incorporates some meditation in its practice whilst meditation helps calm the mind.

Hope that helpful!
Oh yes - sunshine can be a wonderful mood booster.
by lizzi
I have suffered from mental illness for most of my adult life. I find that there are many misconceptions about mental illness - including that most people assume that you are "not really ill" because "it's all in your head". Most people don't realise that mental health can have significant impacts on ALL areas of our health and wellbeing and, as such, should be treated as an important part of our overall health.

I use quite a lot of techniques to help boost my mental health and many of these techniques also impact on physical health, because mental and physical health are interrelated. I try to eat well, exercise regularly, play with my kids, write to do lists and other things to help me not fall into the feeling of overwhelm, and I make sure that I get as much social outlet as I feel comfortable with - this can be a tricky balance!

I would love to see more focus on mental health across the board BECAUSE it should be a priority.
very important
Please d` ont wait to long before getting help It is a question of life or death.People who told you, go for a walk get busy did not understand you.Insist to be listen by a doctor or someone who care.
Mental health is vital 4 every ones overall fitness.
It's just as important as keeping physically fit.
I find Teal Swan youtube clips as helpful 4 my mental fitness as my regular gym workouts.
I try not 2 take myself 2 seriously.
Best of luck ...
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