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How to cut the calories without changing what you eat

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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We all know that eating too many calories will make us put on weight. Unfortunately most of the major culprits high in calories also happen to be our favourite foods. It is all very well knowing what we shouldn't be eating, but if we were able to resist these types of foods, we wouldn't have a problem.

And it is not necessarily just the unhealthy foods that are high in calories either. Anything with carbs or oil is going to quickly add up, even if whole grains and olive oil are good for you.

So how do we cut the calories without cutting the things we love? Well here are just a few tips:

1. Pasta

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Re-heat your pasta.

The BBC documentary Trust Me, I'm a Doctor investigated a study by Dr Denise Robertson, from the University of Surrey. Research shows that that cooled pasta becomes what they call 'resistant starch', meaning the body treats it more like fibre and less calories are absorbed. When you re-heat the pasta, the calorie absorption goes down further.

2. Rice

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Let your rice go cold.

It is the same principle as with pasta, but in this case, do not re-heat it, as that can make you ill.

3. Steak

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In another BBC documentary called The Truth about...Calories, scientists suggest that eating steak rare makes the break-down process in our gut slower, and reduces the calories. Cooking steak gives it more energy and makes it easier for us to digest, so we take on more of its calories.


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Add more water. Adding more water does not reduce the calories, but does make you feel fuller, so you are likely to eat less later on.

5. Eggs

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Don't fry them. When you fry an egg, you inevitably use oil on the pan to stop it from sticking, and therefore add calories. Have your egg poached or boiled instead.

6. Fried Food

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If you must have fried food, shake off as much oil as possible before serving. If frying bacon, there is enough fat in it not to need oil at all. Once the bacon is cooked, part it down with a kitchen towel to remove any excess fat.



There are different ways to fry food. The most well known are deep frying (most calorific) and shallow frying, but there is also another way that significantly cuts the amount of oil you need. It is called air frying. To do this, you will need to buy an air fryer, which can be expensive, but well worth it. The food tastes better and is far healthier. Some foods don't even need any oil at all, and those that do only require between 1tsp - 1tbsp.

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