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How to manage irritation down under

by Smita (follow)
Ex-medico, food blogger, food enthusiast from Melbourne. Find more recipes on my personal blog smitasfoodcharm.com
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I read a one-liner somewhere saying 'the severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach'; and how true could this statement be. And when the itch is 'down there', it certainly is out of reach. So here are some simple ways to manage and get rid of this uncomfortable feeling.

The irritation could be internal or external.

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For external irritations

1. Switch to cotton
Your lady parts are very sensitive to excess moisture. Cotton panties absorb moisture and help keep the area dry. Most doctors and gynecologists are known to give the thumbs down to synthetic underwear.

2. Chemical irritants
Chemicals in lubricants, soaps, contraceptives and washing detergents (your towel comes into contact with your body) can cause dryness and irritation. Use a process of elimination to work out which is affecting you.

3. Soothing ointments
The genital area is very delicate. Abrasions due to frequent wiping or vigorous sexual intercourse can annoy the tissue. Try a vitamin E suppository, apple cider vinegar diluted in water directly on the affected area, or coconut oil applied directly on the affected area.Buy a soothing nappy rash ointment to heal the area.

If all else fails
4. Visit your health professional
Your help professional will help to figure out the reason for the persistent itch, run some tests and prescribe accordingly. And even check for any sexual transmitted infections.

For internal irritations

Vaginal yeast (fungal) infection is quite common. If you notice a cottage cheese-like discharge, get an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream. Regular application for five to seven days would be able to tame the yeast.

Or you could experience burning and irritation while urinating which may signal cystitis or another type of urinary tract infection (UTI). You could go to the doctor for antibiotics but these can also cause vaginal irritation and are over-prescribed today. Try a more natural approach by cleansing, and drink loads of water and green tea to flush out the bacteria and fight the infection. Stay off coffee, alcohol, fruit juice and sugary drinks until the infection clears. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and stay away from meat, dairy and wheat. If the infection persists after a couple of days you will need to consult a health professional.

cotton panties, slim waistline, check waist fat
Image courtesy arztsamui/freedigitalphotos.net

So ladies, this is a common problem which we have all experienced sometime. The sooner you address it, the easier to manage. If you're prone to regular infections, work on prevention through a healthy diet and lifestyle, and remedies such as apple cider vinegar or cranberry juice.

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