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January 2014 horoscope

by Clare Deville (follow)
Editor in Chief of www.healthyhints.com.au
Astrology (3)     
Welcome to your January 2014 horoscopes. It promises to be a dynamic month with not one, but two new moons (January 1 and 31). New moons are a time to reflect, and to set your intentions for the month to come - there is power inherent in decisions and goals set at this time. The full moon in Cancer on January 16 calls on us to look at the ways in which we nurture ourselves, to make changes where necessary, and to take risks to get what we most desire. Late January is a time for fun and spontaneity, but a modicum of moderation is required, as is a re-evaluation of our attitudes towards finances and relationships.

With Venus retrograde until the end of the month, take care in matters of the heart - new relationships starting in this period may not go the distance, take it slowly to be sure. Hold off on making big decisions or commitments, and if you find yourself thinking or dreaming of an old flame, think very carefully before you go back down that road.

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ARIES March 21 - April 20
Focus all of your energy in the first half of the month on work, and getting that job or promotion that you've dreamed of - utilise your fighting spirit and confidence to get ahead, but avoid hostility with co-workers. Relationships may be testing and require your attention but things will ease up by the end of the month. Mid month your focus will shift to home related matters which can bring you great joy - a new coat of paint or spring clean can work wonders for your spirit. From this point, enjoy socialising and networking as random connections may lead you in a new and surprising direction. The end of month brings beautiful opportunities where your love and social life is concerned, be prepared for the unexpected.

TAURUS April 21 - May 21
A short vacation would be beneficial this month if you can swing it; if not, take time out to relax and take care of yourself as your energy could run low. Inspiration and new ideas will peak at the full moon on January 16th, and higher learning, education, communication and spirituality will take centre stage - it's your time to shine. Career wise, the new moon on January 31st will be most fortuitous for you; a promotion, pay rise, new job or career path is on the cards - the decisions you make here will impact your career for many years to come.

GEMINI May 22 - June 21
Pay close attention to your finances in the first half of the month; keep receipts and records, see your accountant, and investigate money making options and opportunities carefully. Mid month promises new career opportunities or projects, and an easing up of any financial concerns. Travel is favourable, as is learning a new skill or taking a short course, particularly if it benefits your health or career prospects. By the end of the month things will definitely lighten up with fun, networking, writing, communication, and new opportunities on the horizon.

CANCER June 22 - July 23
The focus is on close relationships this month; commitments will be made and/or tested, if tensions arise keep the faith and look for long term solutions not quick fixes. You may not have as much control as you'd like over work and relationships, so learning to cooperate and collaborate will work to your advantage. Love and relationships can then bloom by the mid month full moon in Cancer, and the focus will shift to home related plans and projects. The new moon at the end of the month will bring a welcome financial boon.

LEO July 24 - August 23
Use the energy of the first half of the month to focus on work projects, and health and fitness goals, and by mid month you will see results. Mid month it's time to relax and take care of yourself as your energy and immune system may run a little low. Your energy picks up again in time for a brilliant new moon at the end of the month; an excellent time to make that work or relationship commitment, travel, or actively pursue your goals.

VIRGO August 24 - September 23
January sees you in an unusually relaxed and playful mood, with work the farthest thing from your mind. Your confidence will be boosted and it's the perfect time to find love, rekindle an old flame, or add some romance to your current relationship - with Venus retrograde until the end of the month however, be careful things don't move too quickly. Expenses may exceed your expectations so watch your spending. The end of the month will bring work back into focus with the possibility of an exciting new project.

LIBRA September 24 - October 23
With a cluster of planets in your home zone it's the perfect time to take action on home projects, be it renovating, redecorating, cleaning out closets, or simply rearranging things to suit your changing lifestyle. There may be friction with a partner or roommate - negotiate these problems with clarity and calm, and family matters may require your attention. From the middle of the month things will settle and you will be able to enjoy getting out and socialising, and by the end of the month life will be truly joyful with love, romance, children and creativity coming to the fore.

SCORPIO October 24 - November 22
Rest and short getaways may be on your mind in the first half of the month - if you can, take advantage of the moment and enjoy a relaxing weekend away. Career and work opportunities are highlighted for the remainder of the month - that position you've been waiting for may become available so be ready. If you play your cards right your career is set to soar by the end of the month, as are opportunities to expand/improve the home, or move to a new and better residence.

SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 22
January is all about money for Sagittarians; your focus will be on how to make more money, how to pay or collects debts, or how to move forward with a new business venture. It's a favourable time to ask for a pay rise or apply for a loan or funding. Make your decisions and take action by the full moon on the 16th and finances will start to improve, and by the new moon on the 31st money will not be an issue. The end of the month is a fantastic time for a short trip, not for business but for pleasure.

CAPRICORN December 23 - January 20
You can achieve anything you set your mind to in the first half of the month, follow your passion and success is a foregone conclusion. Things on the home front may be a little rocky or unpredictable and will require some attention. With Venus retrograde until the end of the month, consider your options, but hold off on making big decisions around romance or career. The full moon on the 16th will highlight relationships with a life or business partner and you will need to evaluate your true feelings before moving forward. Finances towards the end of the month are on the up and up in a sudden or surprising development.

AQUARIUS January 21 - February 19
The first half of the month should see you spending time alone in reflection and meditation. If you feel the need to withdraw socially for a little while, go with it. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition, and follow creative impulses. The full moon on the 16th may bring health issues to the forefront for you to deal with. If you've been working on getting fit and healthy, you will start to see results, and the stars align to help you with focus, commitment, determination and long term results. The second half of the month will be fun, social and lively. With a new moon in Aquarius on the 31st, get started on making a long held dream a reality, even taking the first small steps will help set things in motion.

PISCES February 20 - March 20
You've been working hard Pisces and this month it's time to rest, socialise, work on creative projects, and have some fun. You'll benefit greatly by joining a group or club, or extending your circle of friends. The full moon on the 16th lights up your fifth house of romance, creativity, conception and children - you're in for an enchanting evening with someone special, but with Venus retrograde until the end of the month hold off on making big decisions or commitments. Finances may be a concern but by the end of the month expect a financial boon - just stay grounded and sensible to make it last. Enjoy this month, you deserve it!

Stay tuned for the next 2014 horoscope instalment.

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