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Natural deodorant alternative

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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totally natural alternative to chemical deodorants

A growing number of people concerned about their health and doing what is best for their bodies, are shying away from traditional deodorants and antiperspirant.

Antiperspirant is actually one of the most harmful things you can put on your skin, for a number reasons. Apart from the cacophony of chemicals these products are laden with, including aluminium which has long been suspected as a contributing factor in AlzheimerísÖ the body needs to sweat. Sweating is the bodies way of getting rid of toxins. Whilst it might not be pleasant to be around, it is a vital bodily function. If the body canít rid itself of toxins in this way, they tend to build up elsewhere with the body. And if you think that what you put on your skin is harmless and not absorbed by your body, take a look at how nicotine or hormone replacement patches work.

There are of course, a variety of chemical free alternatives available with varying degrees of effectiveness. Of these I found that the natural crystal was the most affective, but not fun to use, as you need to wet it first, which in winter, is not a good feeling.

For a number of years now I have been using pure virgin coconut oil as my only form of deodorant with flawless results.

Simply keep a small container of coconut oil on the bathroom vanity and dip a couple of fingers into the oil. In winter it will be solid, so I just scoop a tiny amount out, and then rub my fingers together from each hand and apply directly under my arms. This method has not failed me once. I used to live in Far North Queensland in heat and humidity that had to be experienced to be believed, and never once did I smell anything other than fresh and clean.

oil will be solid in winter, but melts easily in your fingers

Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, anti-microbial and anti fungal. Since the smell from sweat is a result of bacteria in the body, coconut oil very gently and completely naturally destroys the smell without blocking pores or preventing the bodies natural excretion processes. All this whilst managing to keep your skin silky smooth and baby soft.


And donít just keep that container of coconut oil for your underarms. I have been using it as a make up remover, facial moisturiser, and hair conditioner for years. Not to mention itís wonderful for reducing the affects of scar tissue.

Why not give it a go.

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Fabulous! I have been using coconut oil as deodorant for a few years now. It works wonderfully. For easy application, I pour the coconut oil into an used, empty glue stick tube and store it in the fridge. Just make sure the cylinder is washed out well in hot soapy water first.
Never thought about putting it in a old glue stick, that's a great idea.
great idea , thanks
by j
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