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Natural diet tips for good digestion

by mara. (follow)
This Guest Post is written by Mara Martin who is a specialist in Health Blogging from U.K. she does research on https:/ www.ehicuk.org/
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There are so many people all around the world for whom digestive discomfort has become a part of their daily life; they spend sleepless nights and suffer from gas, bloating and bowel irregularities. It has no doubt become the norm for them, but with a few simple steps their digestion can run more smoothly.

For poor digestion to get better faster, we must take into consideration the simple and natural diet tips that many probably ignore or aren't aware of, which include:

• Eating on schedule
The efficiency of your digestive system will be improved by eating at scheduled times; i.e. all meals either lunch, breakfast or supper around the same time each day.

• Make sure you stay hydrated
Staying hydrated is imperative to regulating bowel motions and avoiding constipation. Drinking enough water between meals will make your digestion system well hydrated, assisting in fat and soluble fibre absorption.

• Exercise on a regular basis
Regular exercise is essential for effective digestion and elimination of wastes from the body; besides that it can also help you to lose weight, and maintain a healthy weight. Avoid exercising directly before or after a meal.

• Eat foods rich in fibre
Consuming foods that are rich in natural fibre is very important for optimal digestive function. They can also help in treating conditions like hemorrhoids and diverticulosis. Foods rich in fibre include whole grains, fruits, legumes and vegetables. Make sure you take in both soluble and non-soluble fibre as they play different roles in digestion. And if you don't currently eat a lot of fibre, it is best to introduce fibre-rich foods into your diet gradually, or you may experience an exacerbation of digestive complaints.

Diet Food

• Avoid stress
Stress and anxiety can cause your digestive system to overwork. The best way to avoid this is by engaging in activities that you love most in order to avoid stress.

• Exercise good eating habits
Chew your food well and try not to talk while eating, since this will lead to swallowing of big food particles and air. Savour your food and eat mindfully.

• Avoid over eating
Over eating is a common cause of poor digestion. Try to stop eating before you get full, this will be a lot easier if you're eating consciously instead of in front of the television.

• Avoid late eating
Our digestive system needs rest just as we do. Therefore if you eat at late hours, food will not be digested well and the undigested food will disturb your sleep.

Try implementing these simple steps to improve your digestion, and if problems persist consult a health care professional.

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