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Natural pain relief with acupressure and massage therapy

by Goky (follow)
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An increasing number of people are turning to natural pain relief options as an alternative to conventional medication. Acupressure and massage therapy are two of the most popular forms of treatment for people seeking natural solutions. They work effectively for various conditions and can eliminate side effect concerns. These therapies also aim to heal the entire body, improving your general health.


This ancient therapy involves the use of fingers, feet, elbows, or palms to press specific healing points to stimulate your bodyís natural curative abilities. Acupressure can be compared to acupuncture but there are no needles involved. It promotes wellness and relaxation to treat a variety of medical conditions.

therapist performing finger acupressure on patient's hand

During an acupressure session, you will be required to lie down on a massage table while a practitioner presses different points on your body. Sessions take about an hour and you remain fully clothed. Several sessions may be necessary for best outcomes. The main objective of this therapy is to restore balance and health to the bodyís energy channels and regulate positive and negative energy.

Acupressure has proven effective for treating tension headaches. The therapy can offer quick relief and relaxation for anyone who suffers from persistent headaches. It targets four pressure points on the body to eliminate this condition. This form of healing also works well for toothaches whether they have been caused by an abscess, infected gum, or decay. Acupressure can provide lasting relief from various toothache symptoms such as gum inflammation, fever, and pain.

therapist giving a shoulder massage to patient

Acupressure can also be used to treat neck pain. It can eliminate soreness and stiffness that can make it difficult to turn your neck. This ancient therapy can relieve shoulder, back, and knee pain, which can lead to restricted mobility and discomfort.


A massage can offer relief from chronic or severe pain. This therapy increases blood flow to stiff and sore joints and muscles, eliminating pain. The improved circulation warms up affected areas, offering instant relief in some cases.

Massage can also trigger release of opiods in your brain, which are considered natural painkillers, allowing you to eliminate pain without medication. Studies have also revealed that massage improves oxytocin flow in the body. This hormone occurs naturally and it relaxes the muscles and calms you down. Sensations released during this therapy can also make you forget about any pain you may be suffering from.

therapist performing finger acupressure on patient's neck

The therapy can be used for various medical conditions such as neck pain, back problems, joint stiffness and pain. Patients who suffer from chronic conditions such as cancer can use massage to get relief from persistent pain. It can also be used to treat children who may not respond to other treatments.

These two therapies have proven effective but it is important to work with a medical professional to determine the underlying cause of your pain before any session. Many doctors are embracing acupressure and massage therapies for patients who do not want conventional medication or those who fail to get satisfactory results after traditional treatments. Consult a professional for these therapies to get the best results.

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