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Natural remedy for PMS and menstrual cramps

by Alice (follow)
Freelance writer on the Sunshine Coast.
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When I was in high school, girls would ask for a Panadol (pain reliever) when they had menstrual cramps. It's exactly what our society promotes: feel pain? Swallow a pill. But what is our body really telling us?

Our muscles require the correct nutrition to be able to work properly. This means the correct levels of certain minerals. Why is it that some months you won't feel any PMS symptoms, and other months you have all of the symptoms under the sun? The answer may be mineral balance.

mineral supplements
Try supplements instead of pain killers.

Mineral stores in our bodies change all the time. If you have a mineral deficiency, your muscles will let you know. For example, magnesium is used for muscle cramps. That's one part of the equation. The other part is calcium. Calcium is not just good for bones, it is also needed for healthy muscle contractions.

I have been using the following natural method of pain relief for both PMS and menstrual cramps for a few years now and it works every time - for me. When I feel PMS coming on, I take one magnesium supplement in the evening and then the next night alternate with a calcium supplement.

So for example, on Saturday night I take a magnesium tablet and then on Sunday night I take a calcium tablet. Then on Monday I observe any changes. If my symptoms disappear then I don't repeat the process. Depending on how mineral deficient you are, you may need to repeat the process during the next day or two if you still feel the symptoms.

pads and tampons.
Periods don't have to be a pain.

The other thing to note is that chelated minerals are reported to be absorbed better - both magnesium and calcium orotate have been reported to be absorbed better by the body compared to calcium carbonate which is the least beneficial.

By viewing PMS and period pain as your body communicating that there is a mineral defiency in your body, you can take direct action with the method prescribed above. Talk to your natural healthcare professional and as always, if pain persists, please see your healthcare professional to investigate other medical reasons for the pain.

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