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Natural ways to a slimmer face

by homemaker midori (follow)
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I have a chubby face. It doesn't matter how much I weigh my face remains chubby.There are many others like me who are petite but have a naturally chubby face. Having a liposuction may help you to slim down your face but many prefer a more natural approach.

There are some natural methods which I have tried and it has helped to reduce the puffiness of my face and made it look slimmer. It will not slim your face in one day, it is a slow process - gradually you will notice the difference.

Our facial structure is determined by our genetics; therefore, the tips I will be discussing will only help you to reduce the puffiness of your face and to look slimmer - the facial structure will still be the same.

I am not a medical, fitness or beauty expert. If you think your swelling or puffiness is due to illness or allergic reaction, consult a health professional.

1) Drinking lots of water or fluids

Maintaining hydration throughout the day is vital. Aim for around 2 litres of pure water daily. Dehydration leads to water retention in your body; the blood vessels enlarge and retains water in certain area of our body such as the face. That's when our face looks puffy.

2) Reducing sodium intake from your diet and processed food

For example; corn chips which have high sodium content

A diet high in salt can also cause water retention. Avoid diet containing high sodium diet. Avoid processed foods and try eating natural, home cooked meals containing with low sodium.

3) Using ice or cold compressor to reduce puffiness

This will reduce the puffiness. The ice or cold compressor will constrict the enlarged blood vessels.

4) Use of cucumber mask
For me the use of a cucumber mask was the fastest way to reduce puffiness. Take a cucumber from the fridge, peel the skin off and grate or process the cucumber in a food processor. Apply the mashed or puree of the cucumber to your face. Make sure you do this when you are lying down - you may ask someone too apply it for you. Leave it for 10-15 minutes then rinse your face with cold water.

5) Avoid consumption of alcohol
High alcohol intake is associated with facial puffiness.

6) Facial exercise
Facial exercises will help to burn the fat around your face and tone your facial muscles.
- Lie down and make sure there is a pillow under your head. Now lift your chin up and look at the ceiling and stay like that for 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
-Open your mouth like you are saying 'O' and repeat it 10 times.

7) Avoid using cosmetics or beauty products causing allergic reaction
Sometimes using certain cosmetics and beauty product may cause allergic reaction and cause swelling of your face. Try choosing skin care products that are chemical free.

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