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Overcoming your Fears

by Justine Crowley (follow)
Independent Business Consultant, Doctor, HubGarden Editor and Author/Publisher of four self help books: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/JustineCrowley
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'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself'.
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

overcoming your fears, overcoming fear, facing your fears, fear
Step by step, every new venture and change is easy.

Fear, in other words False Emotions Appearing Real is the complete opposite of faith, and is the killer of many dreams and ideal lifestyles. Change is scary, and when we are pushed outside of our comfort zones, we're trembling with fear. Remember, all great projects and business ventures succeed on the back of fear, and so do careers and other worthy pursuits when striving for excellence. Some top ways to overcome your fears will now be covered, so they don't overpower you to the point of procrastination, no action and eventually giving up, sometimes giving up way too quickly on something that matters to you.

1. Face your fears

The mirror never lies. Part of fear manifests in order to protect you, from taking too deep a risk. Life is a risky business, and through all the risks that we take, we grow and become wiser. That is a positive thing. Perhaps Susan Jeffers was onto something, with the release of her book Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. Acknowledging your fear is the first step to overcoming it. Then once you start taking the necessary baby steps, in spite of your fear, and chunking down your goals towards the ultimate end, the fear will start to dissolve. If you have a fear of public speaking, then go ahead and create an opportunity where you need to speak in front of groups of people. Somehow, you'll find yourself a better public speaker on the other side of it. Remember, everyone has been in this position, and harnessing the courage to face your fears, one step at a time will help your confidence grow.

overcoming your fears, overcoming fear, facing your fears, fear
Street performers are really brave

2. Focus on what you want

When you focus on abundance and what you want out of life (rather than the fear and what you don't want), you will start to see positive results manifest, and fear will begin to dissolve. Fear is a negative emotion, and when expressing such negative emotional states at any given moment, whether consciously or unconsciously, you're repelling all the great, positive emotions you deserve away from you - like love, gratitude and abundance. Don't hold yourself back. Be conscious of your thoughts and emotions and choose to think positively.

overcoming your fears, overcoming fear, facing your fears, fear

3. Have faith and believe in yourself

If you find yourself in a scary, fearful situation, think back to a time where you had success. How did that success really feel? You have accomplished great things in your life, and sometimes we need to look back and reflect on those successes with an even greater appreciation for them. This leaves no room for fear. You have proven to yourself that you have all the resources you need to succeed at something, so have faith, and believe in, and value yourself. Do not expect the world to value you, if you do not know how to value yourself.

overcoming your fears, overcoming fear, facing your fears, fear
Go with the flow. Don't swim against the current.

4. Change the way you perceive fear

Try to see fear as a positive force in your life, propelling you toward growth and accomplishment. Whenever you become aware of your fear in a particular situation, look for the opportunity that is being presented to you. There is always the chance to act with courage and thereby develop confidence and self esteem. And in each particular situation there will also be a particular opportunity for growth; if you're afraid of asking someone out for example, just do it and regardless of their answer, you'll be amazed by the rush of adrenalin and feelings of triumph and burgeoning self esteem that you'll experience.

overcoming your fears, overcoming fear, facing your fears, fear
Things that we perceive as bad, really aren't that bad at all. Change your perspective.

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