Gayatri mantra- the Universal Prayer

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Recently I read an article which mentioned Gayatri mantra cds were amongst the highest selling in the U.S. It is considered to be a healer and has given a new angle to sound therapy. I was really surprised to learn this four lined verse was creating waves in the western world. Thus, began my research about it.

Being from a Hindu Brahmin family, I have been using this mantra as a part of my daily prayer for the last fifteen years, but never knew the actual meaning and importance, reciting it mechanically. Here, I would like to share with you the immense power of this universal prayer.

History of Gayatri mantra
It was written in Sanskrit in the Vedas and dates back 3000 years. Initially only Brahmin men were allowed to say it, but as reformations took place in India, Gayatri was claimed as a universal prayer - every person regardless of race, caste, sex, or colour now has the right to use this mantra. Only the willingness to accept that a Supreme power that runs this universe, will pave your way on this spiritual journey.

The mantra and its meaning

“Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha
Om Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo Naha, Prachodayaat

Actual translation: “We meditate on that most adorable, desirable and enchanting luster and brilliance of our Supreme Being, our Source Energy, our Collective Consciousness; who is our creator, inspirer and source of eternal Joy. May this warm and loving Light inspire and guide our mind and open our hearts.”

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Explanation: The Vedas say, "To chant the Gayatri Mantra purifies the chanter. To listen to the Gayatri Mantra purifies the listener. "

The mantra opens our mind, liberates it from ignorance. This soothing prayer creates sound vibrations and energies that bring positivity upon the chanter and the listener.

It is a prayer to the Sun, the one who gives energy, light, brilliance and runs the entire universe. It is asking the Supremacy to bestow upon us the brilliance and take us to the path of enlightenment.

Spiritualism meets Science and Medicine
The Gayatri mantra is not just any verse or prayer - the consonants are arranged in a specific manner. The human body contains seven chakras which control endocrine glands and nerve ganglions on the body. While uttering the Gayatri mantra, the tongue contacts specific points of the lips and palate, and creates resonance in the vocal cords and brain. Cyclic and rhythmic enunciation of these syllables activates the chakras and stimulates different hormones and nerves in the body.

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Scientists and spiritual practitioners are currently carrying out in-depth research on this. The healing effect of sound energy and vibrations has being used by indigenous people for centuries but only lately has it been recognised as a viable and effective form of medicine. There have been cases where regularly listening to Gayatri mantra has alleviated symptoms in patients including the terminally ill. It is also shown to have a soothing effect on babies who are unable to sleep. In addition, it has de-stressing effect.

Get the full benefit of Gayatri

The correct pronunciation of syllables is paramount in getting the complete benefit of this mantra. Also, hearing it can give as much benefit as chanting. It is advised to say it 108 times at sunrise, noon and dusk. However for practical purposes, even 3 times a day can serve its purpose. The whole idea is to say it sincerely with open mind and open heart. The authenticity with which you sense, listen or chant the Gayatri mantra will eventually make a difference.

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Now that we know the meaning and power of this universal prayer, let us embrace it and walk the road towards spiritual gain.

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