Liven up water to avoid sugar

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It's really tempting as an adult to opt for fizzy drinks and juices over a glass of water, which let's face it, over time can get a bit boring. However, if you're a parent, and kids see you drinking all these fabulous sugary drinks, they're going to want to try them too; you are after all their role model.

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If you didn't know the hidden sugar values in different drinks, here's a quick hit list for you:

Kids carton of apple fruit drink: 4 teaspoons of sugar
Can of Pepsi: 7.5 teaspoons of sugar
Small bottle of kids orange juice drink: 6 teaspoons of sugar
Small carton of grape juice: 4 teaspoons of sugar
Large glass of powdered milkshake drink: 9 teaspoons of sugar
Can of cola: 10 teaspoons of sugar

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With guidelines advising that we should consume no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day, one quick way to try to keep sugar intake down, is to stick to water and sugar free drinks.

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A quick tip for making water more interesting, is to serve water cold, in a jug with sliced fruit in it. There's a range of flavours you can consider such as lemon and lime, orange and lemon, mint and cucumber, or even a summer fruits medley of strawberry and peach. By adding in subtle fruit flavours, you are keeping the drink interesting and good to look at, and definitely more inviting if you're trying to tempt kids.

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Do you have any tips that you use for making water more interesting?
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