Kettlebells for a great tushy

by Selina M S (follow)
Selina Shapland
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Kettlebells have been one of the best fitness equipment aids I have come across to tighten my tushy.

Here's how to do it for a tight rear end and to help you look awesome in your jeans.

Tight rear end with kettlebell swings
Kettlebell swings are excellent for helping to tone up the tushy

Tight rear end with kettlebell swings
Pull abs in to spine, squat with flat lower back and grasp kettlebell with both hands

Tight rear end with kettlebell swings
Allow kettlebell to swing between your legs

Tight rear end with kettlebell swings
Using your glutes and keeping your abs tight - thrust forward!

Kettlebell reaches peak before return swing
Allow your hips and glutes to do the work. This movement will allow your arms to swing the kettlebell up to a peak before it returns with gravity

Kettlebells are awesome for toning up the body and they help with cardio as only a few minutes of this kind of squatting and thrusting will get your heart racing.


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