Yoga practice for lower back pain

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Around 80% of Australians will experience some kind of back pain in their lives, according to physiotherapist James Haridy's article published on Health Engine.

That is a big number!

If you have ever experienced back pain, then you know how much it can, and does affect your quality of life and your mental/emotional well-being.

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Taking care of our back is so important. I found that out the hard way, thanks to an injury where I pinched my sciatica nerve. It was the most excruciating pain I had ever felt and I never want to feel it again.

This Youtube video, entitled Yoga for Lower Back Pain from Yoga with Adriene is a great practice to help release tension in a safe and mindful manner.

I thoroughly enjoyed gently stretching out my back with this video, and Adriene is quite humorous to listen to; I found myself having a laugh at some of her quirky ways.

Adriene advocates regular yoga practice for relieving lower back pain and after having completed this short session, I know I will be putting aside fifteen minutes from my day to give my body a generous stretch.

There are many different causes of back pain, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Some possible causes include:

poor posture
disc disease

Other factors that can increase the risk of developing back pain problems include:

weight gain/being overweight
a sedentary work/life style
lack of physical fitness
the type of work you do

This video may help relax you, your muscles and your nervous system. But as always, see a medical professional to be sure that any exercise you undertake is at the right level for where you are at in life.

Enjoy the practice of Yoga for Lower Back Pain and I hope you delight in Adriene's fun way of teaching as much as I do!

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