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Vinegar and bi-carb are all you need to clean your home

Most commercial cleaners are full of toxic petrochemicals, that even with short term use can be bad for your health. Not to mention the effects on the environment.

As an asthma sufferer I have to be extremely careful when using cleaning products and air fresheners as they can trigger an attack.

White vinegar and sodium bicarbonate have been used for years as natural and environmentally friendly cleaners. Vinegar has anti bacterial properties and helps fight mould, so is ideal for cleaning the bathroom. Just pour some into an empty bottle and spray on the tiles after showering. It is also a great natural rinse and can be safely used in the rinse cycle of your washing machine and dishwasher in place of traditional fabric softener and rinse aid.

Make your own cleaning paste with bi-carb

Bi-carb soda is a natural deodoriser and water softener, its grainy texture ideal to use as a scrub cleaner. Simply mix bi-carb with a bit of water until it makes a thick paste. This is great for cleaning sinks or shower screens. Just rub it on with a damp cloth then rinse off for a sparkling finish.

By eliminating harmful cleaners and substituting them with vinegar and bi-carb, your home is well on the way to being chemical free.

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