Superfoods for glowing skin

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Did you know that by including certain foods in your everyday diet, you can improve your complexion?

Having a great complexion is easier when you eat the right foods. Image credit Constantina Dirica/

Including these skin super foods offers your body the extra nutrients for clearer and glowing skin.

Adding almonds to your diet mean extra vitamin E, which is great for good skin. Image credit JL Design/

Did you know that almonds are seeds not nuts? They are also rich with vitamin E, an antioxidant helping to protect your skin from harmful UV lights - particularly important in the Australian climate.

Drinking green tea is great for your skin too. It's full of antioxidants that help fight skin cancer. Image credit: Ed Hagen/

Green Tea
When green tea is brewed, it releases catechins, which are a specific type of antioxidant with proven cancer fighting properties. In Australia, skin cancer is a major concern for many, so get brewing a cup!

Here's a win: Dark chocolate (in moderation) can be healthy for you. Image credit:K NIchols/

Dark Chocolate
Rejoice! Sometimes a little bit of chocolate can be good for you. Dark chocolate also contains which help improve the way your skin retains moisture (great for wrinkle-fighting) and it also helps to protect against sun damage.

Remember though, it's certainly no replacement for sun safety when you're outside for extended periods of time.

Who would've guessed that carrots can be great to help fight breakouts. Image credit:Sheridan NK/

Who would've thought that carrots would be so great for pimples? Carrots are packed with vitamin A, which is good for clearing up breakouts. Eating these nutritious little treats helps prevent the overproduction of cells in the skin's outer layer, which can result in blemishes and dull looking skin.

Tomatoes can help eliminate the free radicals that cause skin to age! Image credit Johnny Burg/

They're amazing in pasta and salads and are also great for your skin. These round little beauties are full of a chemical called lycopene, which are the photochemicals that makes it red. What it means to you is that it helps eliminate skin-aging free
radicals caused by UV rays.

A healthy diet is great for more than just your skin, so be sure to maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water because ultimately hydration is your greatest friend for flawless skin.

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