Happiness Tip #9: Let loose your inner child

by Clare Deville (follow)
Editor in Chief of www.healthyhints.com.au
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Have you ever watched children play with a cardboard box, or a dog, and being reminded of the simple and intense joy that can come from child's play? There is no reason that we can't enjoy the same freedoms as adults.

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Get in touch with your inner child today. Spend a few moments recalling what you enjoyed doing or playing with as a child. Then do one of those things, or the adult equivalent. Find a way to make every day activities fun and enjoyable without the stress and pressure. Be curious and inventive.

Here are some suggestions:
Make mud pies
Play on the escalator at the shopping centre
Paint or draw
Play on the swings at the playground
Sing or dance with abandon
Get your face painted
Play with your children like a child
Watch your favourite movie
Get creative in the kitchen and bake something purely for the joy of baking
Browse a toy store or art and craft supply store

Find whatever it is that brings you simple joy and set time aside to do it regularly.

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