Forget the apple, have a cold shower!

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There is an old English saying 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away.'

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Now I’m a big fan of apples and eat quite a lot of them but there’s something even better that you can do to give yourself a daily health boost – a cold shower!

Back in Roman times, the health benefits of a quick dip in cold water were well known and it was a standard part of their bathing routine. But at some point in history we seem to have lost this knowledge and it is only now that people are starting to do research into the effects of having a cold shower every morning.

So what are the benefits? Personally, I find a quick burst of cold water right at the end of my morning shower makes me tingle from head to toe! It’s energising and a great way to start the day.

Scientific studies, such as the research carried out by the Thrombosis Research Institute in London, show that a cold shower on a frequent basis can:

Boost your immune system;

Increase your circulation; and

Reduce the risk of heart disease.

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That’s got to be good, right?

Other, more anecdotal, benefits ascribed to a daily cold shower include:

Help with losing weight
Your body reacts to the cold water by trying to warm up which means that fat is burned to produce heat and energy.

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Flushing out toxins
The cold water causes your muscles to contract, which boosts your lymphatic system and helps your body flush toxins out.

Healthier skin and hair
Hot water has a drying effect on skin and hair but cold has the opposite. Along with the benefits from increased circulation improving your skin tone, the cold water will help close up cuticles and pores and give you a healthy glow all over.

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So if you want a quick, natural and easy way to boost your health, at the end of your usual morning shower turn the heat down and give yourself an all-over blast with the coldest water your shower can produce. You will reduce the number of colds and viruses you catch, your heart health will be improved, and you might even be able to turn the thermostat down in your house, as a result of better body temperature regulation. And if you are worried about the effect normally credited to a cold shower, it is actually thought that over the long-term, cold showers increase libido not decrease it!

So forget the apple, and have a cold shower a day to keep the doctor away!

shower cold water
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