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Can you swim 200 metres in under 6 minutes? That's the requirement for a pool lifeguard.

No matter what your time, or distance, swimming can be fun and get you fit. Many of us learned to swim at a young age, learning the basics and how to stay afloat. But many of us now shy away from water and water activities.

Often people avoid the lap pools as there are too many highly competitive swimmers around. The public pool is for everyone of all fitness levels.

Even if laps isn't your thing, have you tried Aqua Aerobics? A fun workout in water. If you're a beginner, sign up to a swimming class, they have them for adults as well.

There are so many water sports you can get involved in. For the fully fit and strong swimmers try water polo - the average swimmer in these games swims over 2kms per game!

The surf is a favourite for so many Australians. Since the invention of new surfing methods, like kite surfing, the traditional body surfing has become less popular.

The benefits of swimming are innumerable - strengthened muscles, improved cardiovascular fitness, improved range of motion, strengthening of joints and tendons.

So get in the water and start to have some fun!

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