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We are responsible for our fitness. Why should we have to pay for someone to train us. Here I will share a few secrets about Personal Training that I have learnt from formal education.

A beneficial workout for the whole body should contain the following:

A warm up!
Very important to get the blood circulating, loosening up your muscles for activity and preventing injury.

Legs - major muscle group, your thighs - include leg exercises in your workout like squats or lunges, good for correcting postural alignment.

Push exercise - working muscles in order to perform everyday activity more efficiently. Bench press is great, or free weights.

Pull exercise - working the opposite muscle groups like triceps, you should try the lat pull down, as this exercise strengthens the muscle groups that cause postural deviations.

Core exercises - ls so very important to stabilise your body during exercise, strengthening your core. A great one is the very simple plank, hold for 1 minute and practice everyday.

develop your own pt session, yoga plank
One version of the plank. Image courtesy of Ambro/

Cool Down
Just as important as any other part of your workout. Should include stretches.

As a PT in training these are the common elements of a prescribed PT Session.

Of course you can target your training for strength, functional training or conditioning.

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