Quick Tip #1 for an awesome pregnancy and birth: The most important decision for a positive pregnancy and birth

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Quick Tips for an Awesome Pregnancy and Birth (14)     
There are many tips out there aimed at helping women to achieve positive births. But I have one tip that will help everything to fall into place.

Choose your care provider wisely!

If you wish to plan a drug free, physiological birth then a care provider with a 95% intervention rate probably isn't your best bet.

If you wish to plan an elective induction, early epidural or non medically indicated caesarean, then a homebirth midwife will probably leave you feeling a little let down.

Know what sort of birth you want and choose a care provider who will help you achieve it!

If you wish to have a homebirth then you will need to choose a care provider who will help you to achieve this! Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

#Quick Tips for an Awesome Pregnancy and Birth
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