QuickTip #84: Feeling stressed?? You're not alone.

by Clare Deville (follow)
Editor in Chief of www.healthyhints.com.au
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A survey from the Australian Psychological Society highlighted that in 2013, 73% of Australians reported that stress was having some impact in their life, and for 17%, stress was having a strong to very strong impact on their physical wellbeing.

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While stress can occasionally be a positive force in our lives, for the most part it is a negative force impacting our mind, body and emotional wellbeing. If not addressed appropriately, stress can become chronic, dangerous and affect one's ability to live a normal life.

If you're feeling a little stressed out, check out our Stress Management category for tips on conquering stress. If you're feeling very stressed, do yourself and your loved ones a favour, and seek some professional help.

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