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Cellulite is an unfortunate byproduct of our modern lifestyles that many people have to face. Described as fat deposits sitting under the skin predominately around the stomach or thighs, many factors can contribute to the formation and presence of it, but fortunately, there are also measures you can take to reduce its effects.

Here we outline a three pronged, natural and gradual approach. If you have serious issues, please consult your GP.

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Including high quality, healthy fats in your diet is a must if you wish to rid yourself of cellulite, so look to add oily fish, nuts and seeds, olive and coconut oil and avocadoes wherever possible.

Cutting back on your alcohol and sugar intake will also aid this process and speed the arrival of results.

Keeping yourself hydrated with clean water and/ or herbal teas enhances and supports skin health, so will equally promote results.

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Exercise clearly helps your overall appearance greatly, but lifting weights and building muscle has shown to be the most effective anti-cellulite measure.

That said, any exercise that gets your body moving and skin sweating will help to flush out toxins present in the body, and this can dramatically decrease cellulite from forming.

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Dry body brushing can help stimulate the vascular and lymph systems which will counter the appearance of cellulite.

Likewise, natural body scrubs such as a mixture of coffee grounds and coconut oil provide an invigorating and caffeine-rich make-over for your skin.

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Are you concerned about cellulite or does it not bother you? Feel free to share any tips or tricks or ideas you have in the comments section!

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