Apricots: a complete guide

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With their soft, velvety yellow-orange skin, and sweet, tender flesh, apricots are beloved all around the world.

When choosing a ripe apricot, look for one full in colour, that is firm with a slight give. For a storage trick, keep refrigerated in egg trays to protect the individual delicate fruits.

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Health benefits
Rich source of dietary fibre, aiding efficient digestion and excretion.
Rich source of vitamin A, essential for healthy eyes and vision.
Good source of vitamin C, protecting organs and body from harmful free radicals.
Low in calories, making it an excellent addition to a balanced diet for those seeking to lose or maintain weight.

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How to enjoy
Diced and mixed through a fresh fruit salad.
Used to make homemade jam, chutney or compote.
Poached and served with ice cream, porridge or muesli.
Sliced and tossed through a summer salad with mixed leafy greens and an olive oil dressing.
Dried and mixed with a handful of nuts for an on-the-go snack.
Added to curries or tagines for a sweet and tangy twist.

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Are you an apricot lover? How do you sneak more of these into your day? Let us know if the comments section!

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