Beetroot: a complete guide

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There aren't many vegetables as distinctly striking as beetroot. With its rich purple hue and raw, earthy flavour, beetroot is not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to meals and your day, but equally nutritionally worthy.

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Health benefits
Rich source of fibre, keeping digestion and bowel movements healthy and regular.
Rich source of folate, important during pregnancy and for supporting the immune system.
Good source of nitrates, linked to reduced blood pressure.
Good source of manganese, maintaining proper bone growth.
Good source of potassium, regulating healthy fluid balance and blood pressure levels.

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How to enjoy
Finely sliced or grated and tossed through colourful salads for extra crunch.
Blended with other fruit and veg in fresh juices or smoothies.
Mixed into cakes, slices and bakes for an almost unnoticeable but super healthy boost!
Cut to size and roasted for beetroot wedges or crisps.
Added to dhals, curries or dips for an exotic twist!
Make use of the nutrient rich leaves by cooking them as you would any other green.

Using gloves when chopping/grating/slicing fresh beetroot will help prevent stained hands, but a little lemon juice will do the trick as well.

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Are you a lover of all things beetroot? Share your recipes and ideas in the comments section!

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