The Value of Fun Family Time

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Family interaction helps shape our behaviour and personality, making spending quality time together an important priority. Time spent with family gives children a sense of who they are (I am John Smith, of the Smith family). Be committed and give family time your full attention; whether it's a Friday night in or Saturday afternoon in the backyard, kids will look forward to your time together.

Eat together
Studies show that a regular family dinner may be more conducive to success than solitary study and revision.

Play together
Schedule a family games night and take it in turns to choose the board game/practical game. Kids love feeling like they have some control because it shows you trust their decisions. Plus it's a great way to bond.

Watch together
Make Friday night, movie night. Let your children take it in turns to choose a film, and afterwards discuss your favourite and least favourite parts. It sounds simple, but the best advice usually is.

Exercise together
From a kick about in the park, to a dance you make up at home, there are plenty of ways to stay active. Working out together makes exercise fun, and establishes a healthy relationship with sport from a young age.

Read together
All kids love stories, whether made up or from a book. Reading before bed time helps establish a routine and is the perfect way for kids to wind down.

Finding time in our busy lives can be an issue, but making the time for fun is essential for a healthy, happy family life. Plus, spending your leisure time with your nearest and dearest is a sure-fire way to happiness.

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