Medicating our kids

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It seems there's a fine line between ADHD and immaturity, as there is growing evidence of significant misdiagnosis. Add to that rising rates of childhood autism, anxiety, depression and mood disorders, and we have a generation of little ones on some serious pharmaceuticals - the long term effects of which, are, at this stage a mystery (but if the list of possible short term effects is anything to go by...).

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If your child is displaying mood or behavioural issues and you're considering, or being advised to medicate, read Medicating Children: The Risks and Alternatives which has some strong points of consideration. Widen your scope by seeking different medical and health professional opinions, doing your own research, speaking to other parents, and making educated decisions.

In some cases medication may be the best and safest option for a child; there are however, several natural interventions that may provide solutions and protect children from the short and long term effects of drugs. Children are vulnerable and reliant on their parents to make the best decisions possible for them; education, collaboration and an openness to the possibilities are encouraged during these difficult decision making periods.

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