BMI can't measure up to Bioscan!

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Technology designed for the medical industry is allowing everyday people to better understand their body composition.

In recent years, the body mass index (BMI) has come under scrutiny for failing to be an accurate measure of the body fat that a person carries.

BMI divides a person's body mass by the square of their height, however critics argue that this measurement does not distinguish between fat and muscle.

As muscle is heavier than fat, BMI often places more toned individuals into the overweight category, even if their fat levels are low.

"Unfortunately, a lot of people still measure health and fitness based on weight by a scale," says Kyle Murison of Rapid Bioscan.

A bioscan is fast and pain-free, taking just ten minutes

Repurposed medical grade technology may offer people a clearer health and fitness analysis.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) was originally designed for the medical industry, and uses electrical currents to measure total body water, and in turn, total body fat.

BIA technologies have been adopted for commercial use in recent years, offering 'bioscans' for everyday people to measure their lean muscle mass and body fat percentages.

Bioscans allow individuals to better understand how lifestyle factors, such as exercise and nutrition, actually impact their body composition.

Optimal body composition increases energy, circulation and quality of sleep, whilst reducing blood pressure, muscle strain; and thereby the risks of disease and stroke.

"Our equipment also breaks down muscle and fat into segments," says Murison.

"That way we can see any imbalances between the left and right side."

Bioscans also allow individuals to track changes in their body composition, with each scan costing as little as $20.

Knowledge is power, so next time the scales beckon, consider a bioscan instead!

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