Essential Healing Crystals for Your Home

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I stumbled upon meditation when a friend dragged me to a crystal bowl performance. I didn't know what a crystal bowl was or even how to meditate.

But I've been hooked ever since.


Crystals are a new addition to my meditation practice. I've found that certain stones have an energy that seem to call to me. I simply hold the crystal in my hand or place them around me. They work as a focusing energy source during meditations and I believe help me to be more mindful.

I’ve found that if I follow my intuition when choosing crystals, I generally find one that resonates with me. And I understand that may sound crazy for anyone not familiar with the practice.

In Use these 5 Crystals for Deep Healing, Lindsay Carricarte shares a little about her journey with crystals:

"I was once a doubter. I thought crystals were woo-woo and airy-fairy. And then I started understanding their energy. Now I am never without my stones—I wear them, meditate with them and place them strategically around my home."

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Meditation is a very grounding practice for me that helps keep me balanced and reduces stress. Crystals help to enhance that practice. Placing crystals and stones around my home is a way to bring that level of mindfulness into my daily life. You can place crystals in bowls, on windowsills or even on your nightstand. I even have a few on my desk to help me focus on lower stress.

The following are a few of common crystals that are both beautiful and can bring new energy into your home.

Clear Quartz

stones in a bowl

In Choosing Healing Crystals for Anxiety , Ella Gibbons calls clear quartz the "the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet”.

Clear quartz is a very common stone and can be either worn or held during meditations.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz, a pink member of the quartz family, is known for unconditional love and infinite peace. It's a healing stone that has a calming effect while meditating.


stones in a bowl

Amethyst is a well-known purple stone that is known as one of the most spiritual stones. Many mediations seek to connect practitioners with a higher energy. Amethyst helps to balance and neutralize against negative energies.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful blue stone that promotes balance and serenity. It works well with guided meditations to lower stress.


Kyanite doesn't look like a round stone, but a shard. It's light blue and never holds negative energy. It's a great addition to any chakra balancing meditation.

Have you used crystals in mediation before?

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