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At times we are faced by challenges that rock the core of who we are, our values and what we represent.

I received news at an appointment recently that will set me on a trajectory for the rest of my life. The best thing? Choice. I decide how my life will be, my response to this situation. You can too.

Rachel Hollis
Rachel Hollis is a motivational speaker

I agree that we need to “sit” in the emotion of how those challenges make us feel, as we cannot learn and grow without this process. This can be challenging when post traumatic stress, depression and anxiety can result from such circumstances. Rachel Hollis challenges and reframes these situations ”Maybe you were given this mountain to show others that it can be moved.”

This 3 minute clip by Rachel Hollis is a extraordinary motivational clip was shared to me by a friend.
Rachel Hollis motivational clip. It is titled The clip that every woman should watch.

Rachel is a author of Girl, Wash Your Face and the The Chic Site. Her journey to becoming a motivational speaker is inspirational and she uses her experiences help others challenge their mindset by understanding the messages we tell ourselves.

Rachel Hollis
Rachel is the author of Girl, Wash your face

What would be your largest dream if you stopped believing you didn’t have time to pursue it?

6 minute motivational clip to kick start your day

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