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Quick remedies for sun burn

by Radhika (follow)
Radhika Ram
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With the sun beating at its highest intensity, one of the common health issues which we often face is sunburn.

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Technically, sunburn is the effect on the living tissues, particularly the skin, due to the overexposure to ultra violet (UV) radiations of the sun. Sunburn can be frustrating especially as it causes irritation to the skin.

It is good to know a couple of home remedies available to seek relief from Sunburn.

Take a bath whenever your skin is exposed to extreme sunlight. The water shall soothe the skin and moderate its temperature. Adding a little vinegar to the bath water shall also help balance the pH of the skin and help in the healing of the sunburn areas.

Rub cucumber on the skin which has been impacted by the sun rays. They contain antioxidants and have great analgesic properties.

Using pulverised potato mixed with water and applying it on the skin will also help to relieve the pain and make you feel comfortable.

potato, potato for sunburn, natural remedies for sunburn
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Apply lotion, especially with Aloe Vera on the impacted areas. It helps to provide immediate relief.

Coconut oil is also a good alternative. It works both as a sun-block and also heals the affected areas of sunburn.

Only when we are not able to control the irritation and sensation with the above methods, should we look at the option to take the pain killers or other medication. The best option for us however is to adequately hydrate ourselves by drinking a lot of water and not forgetting to apply the sunscreen, every time we decide to step out in the hot sun!

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