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Set sail this summer and improve your health!

by romeo (follow)
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We often forget that sailing on a boat or yacht is a form of exercise. Not only are we out in the open air when we go sailing, but we also use muscle groups which we may not ordinarily use.

A yacht or boat gliding along may look effortless, but the truth is a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes. Sailors as well as yacht masters have to be very fit to be able to keep up with their tasks. There is roping and sheeting to be done, and at the end of a holiday on board a boat, you may find that you have some new muscles. Sailing is a hobby which can certainly tone up your physique.

image source: sxc.hu (remuslizrd)

If you are planning to go on a sailing holiday, it is vital to realise that you will have to get involved in some physical as well as mental exercise. Sailing requires concentration and despite modern navigational systems, you may have to be prepared to do some mental arithmetic. If you want to learn how to use chart and work out a course, you will have to out use the little grey cells.

The Open Air

Being out in the fresh air is really good for us. Our bodies naturally crave oxygen, and when we exercise outside we increase our uptake of oxygen. Our circulation is increased and we may find that many of our aches and pains go away.

image source: sxc.hu (createsima)

The more oxygen we have in our blood stream the better we feel. It helps to fight free radicals which cause us aches and pains. Arthritis sufferers for instance always say that they feel better after having spent time in or on the sea.

Oxygen also helps to reduce inflammation in our bodies. When we inhale clean air rich in oxygen, we also help our bodies to fight both inflammation and infection. Many sailors claim that a cold is best cured at sea, and this might just be true. The salty air will help to heal and protect the mucus membranes in our throats. If you think you might have problems with sea sickness, here you can read about prevention and treatment tips.

image source: sxc.hu (the swedish)

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin. Our bodies cannot form vitamin D without natural day light or sun light. When we engage in outside hobbies such as sailing, our bodies make more vitamin D than on an average day.

Vitamin D is vital when it comes to good bone health, and it also helps to look after our skin and hair. Sadly, we often lack vitamin D as we spend a lot of time indoors. We used to work outside, but now most of us work in offices. Perhaps this is a good reason as any why you should go on a boat holiday.

image source: sxc.hu (mijo)

A sailing holiday could be a good option for the entire family. You will be able to spend lots of time together, and you will more than likely be more active than on any other type of holiday or vacation.

It doesn't mean you need to sail across the Atlantic ocean straight away. A more leisurely holiday could perhaps be found sailing around the beautiful Croatia coast line on a gulet. Don't forget to put safety on the first place and learn about the sailing guidelines with important numbers and danger signals ( here is an example of the Croatian sailing regulations , depending on the country you are sailing in they can be different so make sure to read them before you go on board).

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