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Staying fit as you age

by JCase (follow)
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Ageing is inevitable, it involves changes in all aspects of life. Growing old should not be a threatening experience, you can still stay in shape if you are prepared to maintain good health.

Many bodily changes occur as you age. Your bones can become thinner making them susceptible to breaks. In women, the risk of osteoporosis or fragile bone condition increases. This is quite risky as the thinning of the bones and declining bone mass can make you susceptible to falls that can lead to fractures or broken bones. Discuss with your physician how to prevent osteoporosis and sudden falls.

Despite eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise, as you age, your heart may become slightly enlarged. As this happens, your heart rate is reduced causing the walls of the heart to thicken.

Elderly Fitness Class

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Your brain and nervous system can also be affected as you get older. You may see changes in your reflexes and senses. Dementia may not be a normal occurrence of old age, but itís common that ageing individuals may suffer from slight forgetfulness. The reason behind this is that the brain's cells and nerves are damaged by the plaques and tangles, including abnormalities. In the long run, this could lead to dementia. Drinking plenty of water and keeping your mind active is a good way to stay sharp as you age.

You may observe that your vision and hearing are not as reliable as when you were younger. You may also start losing your sense of taste as flavours become less distinct. Both your sense of smell and touch also weaken.

The tough enamel that prevents your teeth from decay may wear away over the years making you at risk of having cavities. Gum disease is very common for older adults. Dental hygiene and frequent visitation to the dental office will protect your teeth and gums. Dry mouth, as a side effect of taking many medications among seniors, may worsen the problem.

Your skin starts to sag and wrinkle with old age, and loses its elasticity. However, protecting your skin from sun damage and quitting smoking early will make your skin look better as you get older.

Taking good care of your skin prevents further damage and the risk of developing skin cancer. This is quite hard in Australia as our sun is quite intense so be sure to slip, slop, slap whenever youíre heading outdoors.

Healthy Living

Several physical changes are a natural part of ageing. There are many ways to protect your body and keep it healthy as possible. Maintaining physical health is essential when growing older. Valuing the experience and maturity you have achieved with ageing is another valuable tip to living a happy lifestyle in your later years.

Keeping healthy habits throughout your life span is ideal, but reaping the benefits of good health is never too late even as you get older.

Elderly Fitness Class

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Regular exercise makes you physically active. It gives you mobility and the enthusiasm to move around giving you a healthy regimen. Medically speaking, exercise also makes you a happier person as it releases endorphins into your brain. Exercise physiologists at Live Well Rehab use exercise for treatment of common conditions found in senior patients such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and hypertension.

Elderly Fitness Class

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Be Social

Participating in community events to keep socially active with friends and family is a great way to stay motivated and improve your health as you can take the journey with others. Share your valuable time helping people and keep yourself busy doing charitable work.

Eat Right

Be watchful with your diet. Eat a healthy and well-balanced meal. Avoid eating junk foods and focus more on fibre-rich whole food preparations. As they say, "You are what you eat." If you eat nutritious meal, then it will show in your health and appearance. Drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated.

Consult Your Healthcare Professional

Regular visits with your healthcare professionals are very important, particularly the dentist and optometrist. Suffering from poor eyesight or gum disease can be burdensome. Early detection of these problems is better than treating them once they occur.

Elderly Fitness Class

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Many elderly people require dentures as a result of gum disease or other complications. This can be a very expensive and sometimes painful process depending on whether major dental surgery such as dental implants are required. Melbourne Dentist Dr. Dorai Kulandaivel from Chandler Road Family Dental suggests limiting your sugar intake (especially soft drinks) and brushing regularly as an easy way to maintain gum health.

Never skip when taking your medications especially if you have hypertension, diabetes or heart problems. This ensures you are protected from accidents. Medications should also be taken as directed by your physician.

Cut Back on Alcohol

If you can avoid drinking alcohol, do it. If not, limit your alcohol consumption. Quitting smoking early has many health benefits and may prevent you from getting lung cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, gum disease and other complications.

Nap Time

Get the sufficient sleep that your body requires. Don't push yourself to the limit. Don't overwork. Take a rest after a while. A good sleep helps to regenerate damaged cells.

Taking good care of your physical health is vital, but itís also important to keep your emotional health intact. Read books on what to expect as you age. Enjoy each day and every success you achieve. Good health and happiness are achieved by having a positive outlook on life.

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