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Stop and take 4 seconds to breathe

by RevivingTraditions (follow)
Irina Beckner from www.revivingtraditions.com.
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How we breathe has a profound effect on our life and health. Not only does it change how much oxygen is going into our bodies and how much waste is coming out of our bodies, it also affects cardiac function, immune system function, mood, stress levels, hormone levels, digestion, strength, endurance and a wide variety of other things. In short, how you breathe can influence almost every aspect of your health and wellbeing.

The most efficient way to breathe is diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing. This is the predominant method of breathing in healthy infants and young children, but as we get older we tend to breathe using our chest and shoulder muscles and less of our diaphragm. A natural way to reduce stress and improve circulation, if belly breathing is practiced regularly it can again become second nature to us. The exercise below will help you to relearn the most healthful way of breathing.

Pick a comfortable position -- sitting, standing or lying on your back. It might be helpful to practice this for the first few times in front of a mirror.

If you are standing or sitting, make sure that your feet are flat on the floor and your back is straight.

You can place your hands at your side, in your lap, or on your belly.

Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, feeling any stress or tension exit your body with each exhalation.

As you inhale, let the breath completely fill your lungs and push your belly out (as your diaphragm contracts it pushes down on the organs of your abdomen and thus pushes your belly out).

Exhale completely, feeling your belly move back in as your breath leaves.

Give this a go. You'll most certainly notice a decrease in anxiousness, distractions, and brain-fog.

Happy breathing. Happy life.

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