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Thai Fish Cakes Recipe

by GabbyDI (follow)
Gabriella Diesendorf is blogger from Australia. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques
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Nothing smells more like home to me than fish cakes. I remember my nana making them in the summer heat; palm trees, soft sand, the cool sea and fish cakes. Juicy and delicious, they always made me feel happy. It’s no wonder now, that years later, even after having moved out of Thailand, I still make them. Thai fish cakes are the perfect comfort food, even if you’ve never set foot in Thailand.

source: wikimedia.org

This particular recipe was inspired by one from the SCD Life Style blog.The beauty of these cakes is that you don’t have to strictly follow any recipe. You can adapt it to your tastes and diet, or even remove the foods you might be allergic to.

The cake will still be crispy and beautiful. The fish is an important ingredient you shouldn’t exchange for something else, since this is a thai FISH cake, not a thai MARMALADE cake. Although that might be fun, too. When choosing your fish, pick one without any bones - otherwise the recipe won’t work.

300g boneless fish fillets, preferably white
2 eggs
1 tablespoon red curry paste
zest of 1 lime
2 tablespoon fish sauce
1 tablespoon cornflour
1 teaspoon sugar
2 tablespoon coriander
50g green beans
3 tablespoon olive oil

First off, get some music going. Then, cut the fish fillets into square, about 1 inch on each side. Once that’s done, take the fish pieces and add them to a blender. Quickly scramble two eggs and add the into the blender, too. Finish with the curry paste and blend until it’s all a cohesive, nice-looking paste. Try it out. If it needs salt, feel free to give it some and blend a little more.

Once that’s done, empty the blended mesh into a bowl, and add the fish sauce, cornflour, sugar, green beans, coriander, and go wild with the lime zest. The lime really brings out the fish and contrasts beautifully. Great job.

Prepare a floured surface. Take the mixture you made and take a little piece from it. Make the piece into a patty, about 3 inches in diameter. You basically want to make 6/7 patties from one mixture.

Add oil to a frying pan and heat it up, on medium-high heat. Wait for it to become hot, then drop the patties in. It won’t take long, you need about 4 minutes on each side. Once cooked, place them on some kitchen paper to let them drain off the oil and other juices.

That’s it! In about 10 minutes you have made about 6 thai fish cakes!

You can serve them with greek yoghurt, or a fresh salad of your choice. These cakes go well with any kind of wine, but I like them best with a fine, zesty, white wine. If you’re a purist, then you can stop here. But if you like to mix it up, feel free to indulge in any sauce you like. You can never go wrong with sauces that use yoghurt as their base, and simply add spices to them, according to taste.

Bon appetit!

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Yes, what sort of coriander, Gabby Di please?
Fresh & chopped, seeds or powdered?
And how many people does this recipe usually serve?
by Miro
Do you mean coriander seeds - whole or powdered? Or the green cilantro?
My mouth is watering. I must try your recipe out this week, Gabby, just have to find the right music and get a bottle of white wine.
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