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Why you need fish in your diet

by rosel (follow)
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Fish, especially the oily ones (salmon, tuna and mackerel), are a great source of healthy nutrients - particularly omega-3 essential fatty acids - essential because the body cannot manufacture them, they must be eaten in the diet. These fats won't destroy your system nor cause you harm, but keep you heart healthy and your health in check.

Recent issues have put the fish industry in the spotlight; due to pollution and constant modernisation, most fish produce has been exposed to toxic waste and other pollutants. Toxic wastes such as mercury and lead have affected marine life in certain parts of the world. But thanks to some clean deep seas and well maintained fish farms, clean and toxic free fish can still be found.

But why would you need fish in your diet?

Fish-y Benefits


Can prevent heart disease

According to studies, people in countries that consume more fish have a reduced risk of heart attack, and a reduced intensity should one occur.

It increases good cholesterol

Fish and its omega-3 magic can help reduce the LDL or the bad cholesterol, and increase the good stuff; this is part of its power in defending against heart disease.

Helps in brain and cognitive development

Fish contains DHA and EPA - long chained fatty acids; DHA has long standing health benefits for brain function. A regular intake of omega-3 enriched foods during pregnancy and conception helps a baby’s brain development. It can help kids increase their learning capacities. For adults, the right amount of omega-3 in the system may help improve memory and learning, and can even prevent dementia.

It can help in inflammation and chronic pain

Studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory properties of omega 3 can help in lowering chronic pain and can quell inflammation, in cases of arthritis for example.

Other areas where fish oils may help:

1. to improve insulin sensitivity
2. hasten fat loss with exercise
3. lower the risk of cancer
4. great benefits over PMS and menopause symptoms
5. can aid in lowering depression and anxiety conditions


That is why fish oils are needed in the diet and by the body. So does your diet need modification? Do you think you're up for the challenge?

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