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Your Christmas Horoscope

by Clare Deville (follow)
Editor in Chief of www.healthyhints.com.au
Astrology (3)     

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There is a lot of planetary action between now and Christmas, not least of which is the Summer Solstice on Sunday December 22nd. Representing the longest day of the year, or the point where the sun reaches its zenith in the sky, it is a great opportunity to reflect, take stock of what you've accomplished this year, and use that realisation to fuel your hope and optimism for the year to come.

There will be a definite shakeup towards the end of the month. It's potentially love on the rocks for all from December 21st when Venus, the planet of love begins a six week retrograde movement - just practice sensitivity coupled with open honest communication and you'll survive the rough patch.

Where possible do the bulk of your Christmas shopping and organising by the full moon in Gemini on December 17th, leaving yourself time to celebrate with friends and family. Failing that, the moon in Virgo from December 23rd to 25th will lend you organisational skills for last minute Christmas preparations. And with the moon moving into peace-loving Libra on Christmas afternoon, we can look forward to a harmonious Christmas with loved ones.

This festive season practice living in the now and enjoying each moment, as by New Year's Eve things will become somewhat intense, rocky and unpredictable.

This Christmas period will be a demanding time for you so conserve and utilise your strength as required. Relationships may demand more energy than usual this month and tensions may run high, so keep your cool and practice patience and tolerance; on the positive side passions run high and new love can take the forefront.

Taureans may be quite at home with the overindulgences of Christmas but this year they would be wise to moderate excesses with a balanced diet, exercise, adequate sleep, and relaxation. You can expect a welcome respite where your love life and relationships are concerned, and it's a perfect time for personal and in-depth communications with loved ones.

December is a huge month of cleansing for you as your personal life takes centre stage and you discard all that no longer works for you, be it relationships, possessions or bad habits. If you've been neglecting yourself and your health, now is the time to address these issues. Square up any family issues and Christmas promises to be a fun and relaxing experience for you in the presence of loved ones - avoid spending Christmas alone this year, you need the company and support of others.

It may be an intense period with family and social demands so take some time out to be alone in the lead up to Christmas, and avoid making any rash decisions where your work and family are concerned. By the big day you'll be ready for that much needed home/family connection and celebration. If you're considering breaking tradition this Christmas, go for it! Your Christmas stars favour expansion, generosity and creativity on all levels, anything new or different will be successful.

It's a fun and flirty month for Leos, full of joy, excitement and adventure. Travel for the festive season is highlighted, as is communication. Over-spending may be an issue, and take care not to be in too much of a hurry, slow down and enjoy what's happening. Practice patience and you'll be rewarded with a very joyous Christmas.

Emotions run high in the lead up to Christmas so practice calming and relaxation techniques. Love and affection is highlighted, your energy is irresistible right now so make the most of it - voice your feelings, and be sure the people who are receiving your deep love and devotion are deserving of it. Things will be busy but throw off the shackles of duty and responsibility and let your hair down - it really is okay if things aren't absolutely perfect, just relax and enjoy a guilt-free Christmas, you deserve it.

With Mars entering your sign this month for an extended stay, Librans are on fire this Christmas period. Be sure to channel all that extra energy into constructive pursuits like organising your Christmas, and you'll be way ahead of the crowd by the full moon on the 17th. You may not feel like your usual diplomatic and peace-keeping self, so remain calm through any relationship conflicts and make the most of the fiery passion that Mars brings to you. And with the moon moving into your sign on Christmas afternoon, you're in for a loving and harmonious Christmas.

It's imperative that Scorpions take care of their health this month and don't push themselves too far. Christmas celebrations will be memorable this year, and love may bring a wonderful surprise. Be open to travel, learning, the new, and take that leap of faith you've been considering - you won't regret it.

It's a hectic work month but your natural optimism will be amplified and your social life stimulating. With the sun in your sign Sagittarians will shine, charm the pants off everyone, and have all the energy and vitality necessary for the hectic Christmas period. Your Christmas is looking like one hell of a party, just remember to be tolerant of those who aren't as flexible as you during this period.

Love is in the air for Capricorns with the stars aligning to bring you a Christmas full of warmth, affection and romance - expect the unexpected. And that goes for your Christmas plans also - make plans but remain flexible and allow room for changes and surprises. Now is the time to make that commitment you've been considering.

A fantastic month for business and career, there may be even be a big Christmas bonus or promotion on the cards. Not everyone will be in fine form though so speak your mind where necessary, and take the high road when challenged. Direct some of your energy towards your partner/relationship, and focus on organising your Christmas plans lest they fail to eventuate.

In the days leading up to Christmas the stars align to help you prepare your home and to organise yourself beautifully. Don't let negativity or self doubt deter you in any way, remain positive. Practice kindness and flexibility if the need for perfection threatens to take over. Try and do all your Christmas shopping by 20th December - finances may be a little shaky after that. Keep the indulgence to a minimum at Christmas lunch but feel free to let loose in the evening as the moon moves into Libra, and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

A happy Christmas to you all!

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