5 ways to stay hydrated slim this summer

5 ways to stay hydrated slim this summer

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As the mercury begins to rise it’s important to remember to keep hydrated throughout the day. Your body will sweat and require more water to maintain a functional temperature during the hotter months.

Depending on your gender and activity level, your water requirements will vary so make sure you listen to your body and drink at regular intervals instead of waiting for thirst to strike. If you’re a fan of summer festivals and boozy backyard BBQs, it is especially important to monitor your alcohol intake and balance it with enough water.

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To help you stay hydrated this summer, in a minute I'll share with you five handy tips to keep your water intake up, but first let's quickly cover waters importance in weight loss.

As we all want to keep our beach body in check over summer, water should be a crucial part of your weight management routine. In fact, recent studies show that you can drink water to lose weight . So on top of staying hydrated, these five tips will help your waistline too!

1. Keep a Water Bottle Handy

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Seems simple right? You could buy expensive bottled spring water that has a negative impact on the environment from both its extraction and packaging. Spring water disrupts the underground aquifers from which it's extracted from affecting the flow to the water surface and the surrounding habitat. The packaging is also derived from crude oil and despite being recyclable, often ends up in the landfill or contaminating marine environments. Alternatively, you can purchase a reusable water bottle from Fill2Pure and enjoy the only portable water filters in the world that can purify water up to 99.9999% while you drink.

2. Coconut Water

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Low in calories and chock full of vitamins, minerals, and natural electrolytes, coconut water is the ideal weapon against a hot summer or a hard workout. Add coconut water to your breakfast smoothie to put a spring in your step or drink a glass after your workout to assist hydration and recovery.

3. Infused Water

Don’t be afraid to spice your water up or give it a twist. Cucumbers, watermelon, ginger, mint leaves and citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemon or lime wedges add a calorie-free flavor saver to your water bottle or jug. You can invest in an infusion jug to pop in the fridge with your favorite combination or simply add as you pour. If you're keen you can even make your own 'fanta'!

4. Sparkling Water

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Struggling to break up with those sugary, carbonated beverages that are nothing but bad calories? If you’re a fan of the fizz, try some sparkling mineral water or soda water instead. Make sure you check the nutritional label on your mineral waters, though, some of the most exotic varieties can have high sodium levels. Still bored? Add a burst of flavor by infusing your sparkling water the same as the flat example above. Start with some shaved or cubed ice, add your lime and mint or favorite flavor saver and pour over sparkling water. Mmmmm …. refreshing!

5. Eat Your Water

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Consume more water-based foods to stay hydrated. These fruit and vegetables will keep you fuller for longer, provide tons of nutrients and fiber as well as acting as a natural diuretic to reduce bloating and water retention. So snack on some rockmelon and watermelon, pop some celery or blanched green beans into your salad and add a side of steamed asparagus or zucchini to tonight’s dinner. Try blending your favorite smoothie recipe and freezing it in ice cube trays, these are great to flavor your water with or enjoy as a snack all summer long.

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