6 high protein snacks for weight loss

6 high protein snacks for weight loss

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If you’re looking to lose a few pounds , have more energy throughout the day, maintain weight, or build lean muscle, then these six high protein snacks will help you with all of the above.

Following a diet that is high in protein not only reduces your cravings for sugar and calorie dense foods, but it also helps maintain lean body mass, and along with a calorie restricted diet it will help you lose weight .

High protein recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is easy. But when it comes to snacks it can be a bit harder. So I have listed 6 of my favourite high protein snacks for weight loss.

6 High Protein Snacks For Weight Loss

1. Protein Balls

Protein balls are delish! What else can I say, except I am addicted to them? They’re quick to make, easy, and full of so many flavours. Depending on recipes, you can find protein balls with up to 9g of protein per serve.

What you need to note is, some so-called protein balls contain too much sugar. These types of protein balls will send you on a sugar high, which will encourage you to eat more food. Stay away from these.

The best protein balls are one’s with healthy fats, protein, and low sugar. If you get the right ones, just two balls will be enough to keep you full between meals. There are plenty of great healthy recipes out there, so there is no excuse not to enjoy the protein packed goodness.

Make a batch of protein balls every Sunday evening so you have a batch sitting in your fridge for the whole week. Simply grab and go!

Protein balls are also fantastic for a pre-bed snack and pre-workout.

2 Boiled Eggs

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Boiled eggs are a great snack between meals. Just like protein balls you could pre-prepare boiled eggs in bulk on a Sunday evening and have them sitting in the fridge for snacking during the work week.

If you’re really hungry, you could have two for a serve and only take in 156 calories, 6.3g protein, 5.3g fats and almost no carbs, fibre or sugar! But because eggs are highly acidic, it’s best to consume boiled eggs with a side of raw cucumber, juice or on a bed of spinach.

3. Soaked Almonds

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You’re probably thinking… what? It’s no mistake it made it to the list. In just 1 oz (28g) of almonds, you get 6g of protein. For greater health benefits soak almond overnight with some sea salt.

Soaked almonds contain 161 calories, 14g total fat (only 1.1g saturated fats and 9g of super healthy monounsaturated fats), 200 mg potassium, 6g carbs (3.5g fibre, 1.1g sugar) and 6g protein. You also receive 7% of your calcium intake, 19% magnesium intake, 37% vitamin E RDA, 32% manganese RDA and 6% iron.

What’s really important to note is that 15% of an almond's calories are not absorbed by the body, because the fat is too difficult to access and break down. Additionally, almonds have a satiety effect, meaning they make you feel satisfied after eating them so you don’t go rushing for more food afterwards.

Why soak your almonds? Because the almond skin contains tannins that inhibit nutrient absorption. This also helps with digestion as soaking helps release digestive enzymes.

4. Protein Smoothie

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Protein smoothies can be prepared in the morning before you leave or even the night before. Simply make a smoothie in your blender and freeze it. This will help preserve the quality of the smoothie for when you’re ready to drink it. Of course, nothing beats consuming the protein smoothie straight away if you can.

Simply blend protein powder with ½ cup of frozen strawberries, and one teaspoon coconut oil and 1 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It will contain just 197 calories, 7g fat, 8g carbs (3g fibre, 5g sugar), and 27g protein. This smoothie will taste great and keep you full between meals for sure.

5. Whole-Wheat Tortilla Chicken Wrap

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A large whole-wheat tortilla with 70g chicken breast and salad will give you a whopping protein boost and health kick. Total nutrition would be 198 calories, 5.5g fat, 20g carbs (11g fibre), and 23g of protein. This complete snack would be super tasty and healthy. Plus it will keep you full between meals. It’s also easy to prepare the night before.

Whole-wheat tortillas are easy to come by; you can even opt for a lower carb version, which still tastes great! For a vegan filling try smashing chickpeas with avocado - the calorie count would reach the mid-200s, but it will keep you full, and encourage you to eat less for your next meal.

6. Protein Patties

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Protein patties are filling, tasty and super dense with protein. I like to blend one serve of protein powder with three eggs whites and 1 tablespoon coconut flour, add a pinch of sea salt, and four drops of stevia liquid to make a delicious, dense snack for the go.

You could swap the coconut flour for oats, or even cauliflower. They all taste great, so go with what you feel!

One protein pattie contains 191 calories, 1.2g fat, 5.7g carbs (2.5g fibre), and 37g protein!

If you don’t have protein powder, add one extra egg white and increase coconut flour to 28g. Do the same for oat flour, almond meal or even cauliflower!

This snack can be made the night before as well or early in the morning. You could even produce bulk quantities on Sunday evening and they’d keep for 4-5 days in the fridge.

Bottom Line: Snacking between meals doesn’t have to be high in sugar or unhealthy fats, try these high protein recipes for weight loss success!

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