6 things you can do to prevent tooth enamel erosion

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Though dental enamel is one of the hardest substance in our bodies, it is also fragile and can be easily harmed by the food we eat and how we brush our teeth. Once lost, it cannot be replaced.

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1. Brush on time

Everyone knows that brushing your teeth twice a day helps prevent cavities. However, what you may not know is that brushing immediately after a meal, especially if you are eating acidic food, can contribute to enamel erosion. Wait at least 30 minutes after eating to brush your teeth.

2. Go easy on acidic fruits

While lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit are a great source of vitamin C, the citric acid is not good for dental enamel. Drinking water at the same time as you are having the fruits will reduce the impact of the acid on your enamel.

3. Eat plenty of dairy foods

While some food items wear your enamel down, some food items actually build it back up. One such group of foods is dairy, especially cheese and milk, which help protect your dental enamel in two ways.

Dairy products:
  • produce saliva, which cleans your teeth of debris and acidic residue.
  • are high in calcium and phosphate. These minerals help to regenerate the mineral that makes up the dental enamel, boosting it up again.

  • 4. Start chewing sugar free gum after food

    Chewing sugar free gum, especially after meals stimulates salivary flow, which in turn rinses your teeth of acids and protects the dental enamel. Chew a piece of sugar free gum after each meal and your dental enamel will last much longer.

    5. Avoid sugary and acidic drinks

    Beer is high in sugar and red wines tend to be very acidic. Both can wear out your enamel if indulged in too much. Alcoholic drinks also dehydrate your mouth by reducing the production of saliva which further damages your enamel. Whatever your preference, limit intake and avoid drinks that are high in sugar and acid content.

    6. Avoid drinking soda

    Drinking large amounts of soda on a daily basis is bad news for your dental enamel. Sodas are full of sugar, the main culprit behind tooth decay, as it contributes mainly to the production of bacteria that cause tooth decay. Ever sugarless sodas and fizzy drinks can cause tooth enamel loss owing to their acidity.


    It is good practice to get your enamel health checked out by your dentist now and then and obtain some professional advice on how to maintain enamel health. As a further safeguard, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water to remove debris and acid remains.


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