8 awesome Australian natural skincare brands

8 awesome Australian natural skincare brands

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The largest of our organs - our skin - covers our bodies, but also serves many other functions that assist to maintain our wellbeing and protect us from harm. Since our skin plays such a crucial role, it’s in our best interest that the products we use to care for it are of the highest quality, providing nourishment from Mother Nature, rather than a toxic overload from harmful inorganic ingredients that they may contain.

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With so many products on the market these days, shopping for high quality natural skin care can be a bit of a challenge, befuddling even the most experienced and retail-savvy of us.

With a few rare exceptions, local supermarkets and pharmacies generally only stock mainstream conventionally-produced brands, and while the natural brands sold at high-end department stores tend to be of a high quality, they’re also usually extremely pricey.

Therefore many people give up their quest for pure natural skin-care products, convinced that there simply aren’t enough viable options.

Fortunately, however, this is far from the truth. Over the last decade an ever-increasing number of small businesses have been emerging throughout Australia, specialising in organic, vegan and eco-friendly personal care products that have embraced the essence of natural beauty without costing the earth. The following is a list of some of these local secrets, many which are based in environmentally-conscious hotspots such as Byron Bay, Fremantle and Far Northern Queensland. Check out their websites to find out more – by ordering online, you can do your bit to support small Australian businesses that are actively promoting a cleaner, greener way of being.

Harmony Harvest
Harmony Harvest in Tasmania is the perfect example of a small business that is cent-percent dedicated to producing pure natural beauty products. Its founder Ami Nakamura has over twenty years experience as a natural healer, and has used her vast knowledge to create a gorgeous range of products that includes items for the skin, hair and body, as well as some lovely baby products.

A few examples to whet your appetite are the company’s Organic Body Healing Milk, Organic Detox Massage Oil, organic UV Protect Lotion and their Peppermint and Tea Tree bath oil. One big plus for me was the fact that the prices for Harmony Harvest products are refreshingly affordable, even though their range is certified organic. To learn more about this small eco-friendly company and the products that they create, take a look at the Harmony Harvest website or call them on 03 6294 8177.

Organic Kama
Located in beautiful tropical Cairns, Organic Kama is another small Aussie business that’s producing and purveying gorgeous natural and organic skincare and beauty products. Their exquisite handcrafted range has been created using only cruelty-free vegan ingredients, with many of these also being certified organic. In addition, the entire range eschews nasties such as sodium laurel sulphate, petrochemicals, mineral oils and artificial fragrances.

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Pure aromatherapy oils are essential ingredients in the Organic Kama range, along with floral waters, fruit extracts and natural vitamins. The range includes facial products, body care products and much more, and is extremely well-priced. All items can be purchased online. Go to the Organic Kama website to check out their range, or call 0407 063 345 for more information.

Halka B. Organics
Fremantle is another one of Australia’s eco-living hubs, and it’s there that Halka B. Organics is located. This unique company focuses on skin nutrition utilising 100% natural, toxin-free and raw products that are either organic or wild-crafted. The brand also champions sustainable farming practices and ethical trading, so if these things are important to you, this may be a brand that you’d like to examine more closely.

The range offered by Halka B. Organics is extremely diverse and includes products that are completely unique. A few examples are their baobab oil and baobab mineral powder mask, derived from the magnificent baobab trees found in Western Australia’s Kimberley region. Other sumptuous products include a facial care range, body care, foot care, hair care, bath salts, mosquito repellent, natural perfumes, pure essential oils and much more.

Halka B. Organics are located at Shop 8 in The Piazza, 36 South Terrace, Fremantle. However, if you’d prefer to shop online or simply peruse their full product range, go to their website or Facebook page . For specific enquiries you can also call them on 0418 957 010.

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Situated in the delightful village of Balingup in Western Australia’s south-west, Tinderbox is a small business that has embraced the concept of natural plant-based beauty and wellbeing for well over thirty years. Their earthy and creative shop-front in Balingup has long been a local legend and a favourite stop for passing travellers, while shoppers from further afield can now access their fabulous range of products through their website and online shop.

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The Tinderbox range of products offers a dizzying assortment of natural skincare, hair-care and other beauty essentials, as well as herbal teas, brews, perfumes, gourmet herbs, incense and other goodies. To learn more about Tinderbox, visit their website or call them on 08 9764 1034. Alternatively, if you happen to be in Western Australia’s magical south-west, pop into their store which is located at 37 South Western Highway in Balingup.

Wild Nature Australia
Byron Bay and its surrounds are eponymous with natural, eco-friendly living, and therefore it’s not surprising that many businesses focusing on plant-based beauty are located there. With its comprehensive range of beautiful natural products and reasonable price tags, Wild Nature Australia is one of my favourites.

The range includes gorgeous products for the skin and hair. More recently, Wild Nature has also developed a lovely range of natural makeup with eye colours, mascaras, brow pencils, lip sticks, foundations and much more. All products from Wild Nature are organic, natural, vegan-friendly, and very beautiful. Go to the Wild Nature website to learn more or to shop online. For any specific queries, call 02 6680 7220.

Saya Skincare
Like many of the aforementioned businesses, Saya Skincare in Noosaville on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, began its life in a humble way and has since gone from strength to strength - due largely to the high quality of its diverse product range that includes cleansers, serums, scrubs, face moisturisers, face oils, hair products, men’s products, gift packs and more.

With the exception of their goat-milk soap, all Saya products are made from pure plant-based ingredients, many of which are organic and wild-harvested. The preservatives that have been used are also naturally-derived and of a food grade quality, making them gentle and safe to use on even the most sensitive skin.

A unique quality of the Saya range is that it utilises the powerful natural potencies of Australian native botanicals including the Crown of Gold Tree, Illawarra Flame Tree, Desert Rose and Kakadu Plum. Although the Saya range was previously not totally organic, just recently the brand has released a luxurious certified organic range which from all reports is absolutely amazing and is also very reasonably priced.

To learn more about the Saya range and to purchase through their online store, go to the Saya website .You can also find other stockists listed there.

People For Plants
Windsor-based company, People for Plants has created some of my favourite personal-care products. Their entire range is certified organic, vegan, well-priced and easy to purchase, being stocked in many mainstream retailers such as Priceline and even some supermarkets.

Their range is also very comprehensive, and includes everything you could possibly need for your daily beauty routine. As well as skincare essentials such as cleansers, toners and moisturisers, you can also find pure organic goodies such as lip balms, facial oils, hydration gels and body scrubs.

Image courtesy of the People for Plants website

To see their full range, go to the People for Plants website . I guarantee that you’ll be pleased with their prices, which are only slightly more expensive than similar conventionally-produced ones. If you spend more than $100 in their online shop, postage is free. They also have regular special offers for online customers.

Savi Organics
Foodie paradise and surfing hotspot, Margaret River, is also a place where you can find many people who are striving to live a healthy, earth-friendly lifestyle, and it’s in this lovely laid-back coastal community that Savi Organics is based. This company has fully embraced the ethos of environmental sustainability, and prides itself on the fact that its products are certified organic, vegan, not tested on animals and sold in biodegradable packaging.

The company’s product range is extensive, and contains an exquisite assortment of products for the face, body and hair. Other specialties include beautiful organic herbal teas, bath salts, massage oils, soaps and even products for maintaining your dreadlocks. Savi Seeds, a special range for babies and their mothers is also soon to be released.

Image courtesy of the Savi Organic website

Take a look at the Savi Organics website
website to learn more, or call them on 08 9757 9455 if you have any queries.

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