A simple morning tonic to kickstart the day

A simple morning tonic to kickstart the day

Posted 2014-10-18 by Clare DeVillefollow
The old Kellog's Cornflakes slogan 'the simple things in life are often the best' was actually spot on. To start every day in the best possible way for your health and wellbeing, simply consume a glass of warm (or room temperature) water with the juice from a quarter to a half of a fresh lemon.

Do not use bottled lemon juice, do not use cold water, and do not sweeten it - it then becomes something entirely different that isn't nearly as beneficial for you. Here are just some of the extraordinary benefits you can reap from one small glass of lemon water:

  • Cleanse your skin from the inside out
  • Kick start your metabolism and aid digestion of food that follows
  • Help regulate bowel motions
  • Flush toxins out from the body
  • Boost your immune system (lemons are full of antioxidants), increase your resistance to viral infections and your body's ability to fight them
  • Maintain balance of your body's pH levels thereby reducing pain and inflammation
  • May assist in weight loss as it contains pectin which helps fight cravings
  • Enhance oral hygiene and combat morning bad breath and mouth bacteria

  • Even if only half of these benefits were true, there is a lot to be gained from drinking lemon water. And it is an incredibly simple habit to get into - it won't create a drastic change in your diet or lifestyle, it's just one simple step to enhance health and wellness.

    If you can't handle that much lemon initially, start with a few drops and increase it each day until you're using a quarter to half a lemon. And try to hold off eating for fifteen to twenty minutes to gain the full benefits of this wonderfully simple morning health tonic.

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